Paris Hilton: Fantasy Makeover

Remember when the word ‘Hilton’ only conjured up images of hotels in your head? Well, those days are long gone. Now, most people associate the surname and the hotel chain with Paris Hilton, that nefarious 29-year-old heiress.

There is also Nicky Hilton, the tamer of the two Hilton sisters and, therefore, less memorable unfortunately. Seriously, do you recall the last time Nicky got arrested, had a sex tape, a drug scandal, was on a trashy reality show, or involved in a high profile feud with a fellow celebrity? Exactly.

Paris HiltonModel

Above: Paris Hilton bleached blond vs. a more natural hair color and makeup look we’d love to see her in (from Anna Sui Spring 2010 runway)

Paris has done all of that and more. Her biggest crime in our opinion? Hands down, her style choices. Sorry! As a teen, Paris was gorgeous: brown eyes, dirty blond hair, model status. As an adult, Paris immediately bleached her hair, popped in a pair of blue contacts, padded her bra, and stuffed herself inside of ill-fitting Juicy Couture terry cloth sweatpants.

You’d think that with all that old money, she would have acquired a higher taste level than that of hot-pink-and-rhinestone everything, but she didn’t. Paris has the hardest time getting it together. Despite it all, we still love her and have her back! We’ve dreamed up a celebrity fantasy makeover that will bring her back to her roots. Literally.


Paris isn’t afraid to experiment with beauty. From a natural face, to a red lip, and smoky eye, she’s practically done it all. We think she’d look great if she mixed things up a bit with a cheeky, lash-heavy, 60s-girl look, like the one Pat McGrath created for Anna Sui‘s Spring 2010 collection (above, right).  

Paris HiltonArmani Prive 


Paris isn’t the natural bright Barbie blond that she’s known for. Old photos (above) show her to be more of a dirty blond, and we love it! We once read an interview with a famous colorist who said people usually look best when they try to replicate the natural hair color of their early childhood. Are you listening, Paris?


Paris is pushing 30, and we’d love to see her in a style that reflects some modern sophistication like this look from Armani Privé’s Fall 2010 Couture collection (above, right).