10 Teen Stars that Dress Their Age

Dakota Fanning

Ever since Britney Spears burst onto the scene wearing a sexed-up school uniform back in 1998, it seems as if teen stars have been competing to see who can dress the skankiest. Current teen queen Miley Cyrus, wearing leather pants and a crop top to her 18th birthday party, is the perfect example. Besides being hideous, the outfit wasn’t right for any 18-year-old, famous or otherwise. But amid the Mileys and "high-class hooker" style of Taylor Momsen, there are plenty of teens in Hollywood that know how to dress the part.


Selena Gomez at the Jingle BallDakota Fanning

1. Selena Gomez (left)

Wizards of Waverly Place actress Selena Gomez, 18, always looks fresh faced and glowing. The Disney star is sans scandal and it looks like she carefully chooses her wardrobe to match her good girl reputation. At this year’s Jingle Ball in New York City, she looked effortlessly chic in black skinny jeans, white oxford shirt, fun pattered scarf and some awesome black leather booties.

2. Dakota Fanning (right)

If anyone knows how to dress her age, it’s Dakota Fanning. The 16-year-old actress is committed to having a normal teenage life, and so far she’s managed to live one. Dakota is a cheerleader and was recently voted Homecoming Queen by her classmates at Campbell Hall. While she might have played a lingerie-wearing rockstar in The Runaways, she looks simply sweet in a delicately beaded cream dress that looks like it was, well, made for a Prom Queen.

Emma Roberts at the 2010 Met Costume BallEmma Watson casual

3. Emma Roberts (left)

Nineteen-year-old actress Emma Roberts is becoming a staple on the red carpet and becoming a fashion icon in her own right. At the 2010 Met Costume Institute Gala she wore a black Marni dress that shows a lot of leg but is balanced out with a high, detailed neckline. The look is complete with mary-jane platform heels that add a sense of fun to the outfit.

4. Emma Watson

She may not be a teenager, but she just left her teens. Actress Emma Watson, 20, is one of the best dressed college students we’ve ever seen, and while she has a penchant for designers like Chanel and Burberry, she still knows how to make it work so it doesn’t look like she’s trying to hard. Here she looks super-chic, wearing a black leather jacket and skinny jeans, and way classier than most college sophomores out on a Saturday night.


Demi Lovato at the Conert for Hope GalaMiranda Cosgrove at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

5. Demi Lovato (left)

Though she’s spent the last few weeks in rehab, Disney star Demi Lovato, 18, seems to have her style under control. At last year’s Concert For Hope Gala, she proved that don’t always have to show some skin to look great. Wearing skinny jeans and a glittering tunic, Demi is covered up and still looking like a rockstar.

6. Miranda Cosgrove (right)

iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove rakes in a reported $180,000 per episode, but all that money hasn’t gone to her head. The 17-year-old looked elegant in a Katy Rodriguez dress paired with black tights. While the dress is fairly short, Miranda makes up for it with a high neckline, and pulls of a cute vintage look at the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Emily OsmentAbigail Breslin in Marchesa

7. Emily Osment (left)

Unlinke her Hannah Montana co-star Miley Cyrus, 18-year-old Emily Osmet understands a couple of things: 1. She’s 18 and not 25; 2. Most of her fan base hasn’t hit puberty yet. Channeling a 1920s flapper look in a tiered glittering top and satin mini skirt, Emily looks great without having to bust out the leather.

8. Abigail Breslin (right)

Transitioning from a child star into a teen star can be difficult, but 14-year-old Abigail Breslin has done a wonderful job of dressing like a teenager. Having graced the pages of fashion magazines this year, Abigail devloped a taste for designer clothes. Not every high school freshman gets to wear a Marchesa dress to the opening of her Broadway play, The Miracle Worker.


Victoria Justice at the 2010 Teen Choice AwardsAlyssa Stoner at the Camp Rock 2 premiere

9. Victoria Justice (left)

The 17-year-old star of Nickelodeon’s Victorious looked sassy on the red carpet at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. The strapless bright blue dress is youthful, and both the neck and hemline are in check. Victoria could rock this look both on the red carpet or at a school dance.

10. Alyson Stoner (right)

Eighteen-year-old Alyson Stoner is a Disney star in the making. The actress best known for the High School Musical series and Camp Rock 1 and 2, understands that Disney (in theory) means kids. Here at the premier of Camp Rock 2 this past summer, she looks radiant in a strapless, knee-length dress that really makes her sparkle.