Pamela Anderson: Fantasy Makeover

Oh, Pamela. Pamela Anderson's style


Does Pamela Anderson really need an introduction? 


Sweet as pie and compassionate animal rights activist, yes. Fashion icon, no. We actually think she’s adorable, but we also don’t think she wears enough clothing (and you know how we feel about clothing). If she does, it’s probably not the most tasteful ensemble. We won’t even dare to touch the topic of her, uh…glands.


Although you probably imagine she was first spotted somewhere on a Malibu beach, Canadian-born Anderson was actually discovered at a football game, and had her first (non-nude) mainstream stint on Home Improvement as “Tool Time Girl”. 


It probably wasn’t until her role as C.J. Parker on Baywatch that she became a household name. Since then, the blond bombshell has modeled extensively, had several roles on hit TV shows, appeared on music videos, written a book, and even walked the runway for Heatherette.



Pamela Anderson in UGGSPamela Anderson Wardrobe Malfunction


Anderson has so much natural AND synthetic beauty, we’d love to see her step it up a notch and go for something a bit classier than just her usual Daisy Dukes and UGGs


We love Anderson as a bright sunny blond, and wouldn’t change a thing in terms of color. However, we would be so excited to see her sport a fresh new hairstyle. Something less Dolly Parton circa-1980s, and more Hermes Spring 2011, like this sleek side-ponytail below.


We absolutely admire Anderson’s long-time makeup artist, Alexis Vogel. We’d love to see her put Pamela in a no-makeup makeup look, with a hint of drama around the eyes, like the look of Ralph Lauren‘s Fall 2010 show below.


We picked this whimsical, safari-inspired look from Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection. We like it for Anderson because it’s bold, yet polished, and would complement her toned beach body nicely.  

Pamela Anderson Fantasy Makeover Inspiration

Hermes Spring 2011 hairRalph Lauren Fall 2010 beauty lookDiane Von Furstenberg Spring 2011Hermes Spring 2011 hair (left), Ralph Lauren Fall 2010 make-up (middle), and Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2011 clothing (right)