Kelly Osbourne: A Style Transformation

Kelly Osbourne

We’ve watched her on The Osbournes (and maybe questioned her fashion choices), seen her at the MTV awards, and watched her walk the red carpet in some stunning red carpet dresses. Here, we go through some of Kelly Osbourne‘s less than memorable fashion moments, and see how she’s developed a fantastic eye for style.

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne

Back in the early days, Kelly preferred more of a grungy, street vibe style. She had a penchant for gothic style dressing, multi-colored hair, dark lipstick and trainers.

Still experimenting, Kelly goes from black to blonde and pairs a black mini with Karl Lagerfeld-inspired fingerless gloves. We’re not sure this works, but she’s on the path to stylista!

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne

Trying to find her own sense of style and what works for her, Kelly opts for a multi-colored hairstyle again, paired with a waisted mid-length dress.

Kelly goes back to blonde and finds her feminine side in a sweet spaghetti strap pastel dress. We love that she branched out and experimented with a different style, and clearly looks happy about it!

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne

Kelly goes back to black but does with panache in this slinky floor length black gown. The fit is fantastic and neckline looks incredible on her hourglass figure.

Kelly chooses a stunning Marc Jacobs dress and shows off a new and very chic pixie style hair cut. We approve!!

Kelly Osbourne in BurberryKelly Osbourne

Kelly has evolved leaps and bounds from her early goth style days. Looking extremely sophisticated in Burberry, she knows what works and what doesn’t, and the incredible mustard hue of her trench is clearly working!

Kelly goes back to blonde and chooses a bold hue to show off her new hair, and svelte figure!

Kelly Osbourne with Nicole RichieKelly Osbourne

As we know, Kelly loves to change up her hair, and in this stunning feather and beaded gown paired with her lavender-hued locks, she looks absolutely incredible. A stylista is born!

Kelly finally finds her niche in the fashion world and looks spectacular. An unusual, but fantastic hair color, one-shouldered velvet gown and shoes with a twist. It’s the new, classic Kelly.