Guilty Pleasure: Rockstar Wife Josie Stevens

Josie StevensGuilty pleasures are a funny thing, for most people, they’re a trashy reality television show or a decadent snack, but when it comes to fashion, the idea of a guilty pleasure is a little different. More often than not, it’s someone who can pull off a style you wouldn’t dream of wearing. A person who has the chutzpah to experiment with looks you wouldn’t dare model in your bathroom mirror.

It’s time to confess: rock star wife Josie Stevens is my fashion guilty pleasure.

After first laying eyes on the buxom blonde on E!’s Married to Rock, I was immediately enchanted by Stevens’ love for Hello Kitty (swoon), all things pink, and three-dimensional nail art. Her style brought to mind visions of Gwen Stefani‘s Harajuki Girls going out for a sexy night on the town.

Stevens is the doting wife of famed guitarist Steve Stevens, best known for performing with Billy Idol and Michael Jackson. But when it comes to style, this sultry rock wife is the true talent. On Married to Rock, Josie rubs elbows with fellow wives and girlfriends of musicians, but it’s easy to see that she’s the true style standout.

Don’t let Stevens’ sky-high cleavage fool you. This rocker chick knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s described herself as "smarter than she looks" and "owns" the idea of presenting herself to the world as the "quintessential rock ‘n’ roll female".

The Girl Can Accessorize

Sure, Hollywood is chock full of busty blondes married to rock stars. But few exhibit a love for accessories like Stevens does. Adorable bows, hipster-esque headbands, hats … Stevens knows how to complete a look.

Josie Stevens' nails

Envy-Inducing Nail Art

Stevens’ nails could make even the biggest diva do a double-take. Each nail is a different three-dimensional piece, ranging from Sanrio characters to flowers. I can’t help but squeal with delight every time her incredible nail art makes it into a scene.

Subtlety Isn’t Her Thing

There’s nothing subtle about Stevens’ look – and she knows it. There are few people who can get away with a see-through ankle-length dress, covering their naughty bits with sequins, but Stevens is one of them. More power to this fashion risk taker!

You Didn’t Even See It Coming

Perhaps the best part about Stevens is that you never know what she’ll be wearing next. Will it be a Ghostbusters-like jumpsuit? A bikini top paired with tiny shorts? Or a ball gown? She switches up her look so often that viewers barely know what hit them every time Stevens appears in front of a camera. 

Josie Stevens