Rihanna, Gaga and Katy Perry Sport Daring Dye Jobs

Rihanna's red curly hair on New Year's EveIf there’s one thing we miss during the gloomy winter months, it’s summer’s vibrant colors. But while most of us are polishing our nails in deep maroons and hiding our post-holiday bellies in black garb, several celebs have found a way to bring life back into this drab weather with bright colored hair.

We’ve all seen Rihanna’s flaming red ‘do (right), which she’s worn proudly for several months now, but we’ve spotted some even more daring colors on the red carpet. Take a look at Katy Perry (below), whose long, electric blue hair had beauty bloggers buzzing for weeks. Or Lady Gaga’s lemon yellow ‘do (below, right) that gave us flashbacks of Pink’s hair in her early days. Even Lourdes “Lola” Leon, Madonna’s daughter, recently blogged about how she’s planning to get a full head of royal blue hair this year (pending her mom’s approval, of course!)

So how is it that all these trend-setters are creating their looks? While Rihanna’s hair has clearly been dyed and Pink’s hair was neatly touched up regularly before she went blonde, Katy Perry went for a wig. MTV recently reported that Perry attributes her hair color to her infatuation with the Smurfs when she was younger, but apparently the look is just temporary and not worthy of a dye job. And Gaga? Well, no one can ever be too sure what inspires that fashion mastermind, but it’s safe to say, she uses a combination of hair coloring and wigs to create her one-of-a-kind looks.

Katy Perry Blue WigLady Gaga Grammys Yellow Hair

The question we’re left wondering is, if bright hair is a giant beauty faux pas or if it’s something that could catch on. Would you try this at home? If so, and you’re thinking about testing a daring color, try a wig for about $39 at wowigs.com. Feeling more confident like Lola? Jump in feet first with Manic Panic’s semi-permanent hot pink dye ($8.30). Let us know what you think!