Jersey Shore Cast: More Than 15 Minutes of Fame?

Jersey Shore cast

Oh, The Jersey Shore! Did you think they would be just a fleeting fad? Well, think again. MTV and the infamous cast are milking the show’s popularity for all its got by launching beauty products, fashion lines, books, and more.

The cast of MTV's The Jersey Shore

Despite criticism that the show relies too heavily on Italian-American stereotypes, and backlash about the show’s ever-growing violence, the January 6 season 3 premiere of the show was MTV’s most viewed series telecast ever. Since many of the cast members have now received millions of dollars in endorsement deals, it seems unlikely they will break out of their carefully cultivated reality-show molds.

 Snooki's book

True to who she is, Snookie has just released her book, “A Shore Thing” which she was invited to speak about on The Late Show with David Letterman, even though there are rumors that she did not actually pen the book. The book’s criticism inspired a Joy Behar parody video that went viral.

Up next? The diminutive tanned New Jersey native will launch her own fashion, beauty, and home lines. Following the success of her slippers line with Happy Feet and her Valentine’s Day pendant with DiamondShark, Snooki sunglasses will be the first to launch in a line that includes everything from denim, sportswear, lingerie, and handbags, to personal care, beauty products, fragrances, swimwear, bedding, and home goods.

The cast creates handbags!

Meanwhile, JWOWW, who started a now-defunct clothing line called Filthy Couture in 2010, will be releasing a self-help book in February called “The Rules According to JWOWW".

The Education

As for the boys, given that one of their most well-known catchphrases is “it’s T-shirt time”, it was only a matter of time before some of them would launch their own line of tops. The first to market was Mike ‘The Situation‘ Sorrentino’s bedazzled wife-beater DILLIGAF T-shirt collection (think Ed Hardy, but worse!) Staten Island native, Vinny, has partnered with the website Do Something to create a line called "IHAV" which stands for "I Have a Vision”. At least part of the proceeds from the sale of each T-shirt will be donated to anti-bullying efforts. 

If you’re wondering what’s up for Pauly D, he’s tied up canoodling with socialite and former reality star, Brittny Gastineau, and catching basketball games courtside with Chloe Sevigny as he preps for the inevitable hype around his upcoming MTV spin-off show.