Robert Pattinson Talks About Filming the Breaking Dawn Sex Scene; Jennifer Aniston Hates ‘The Rachel’ Cut

Jennifer Aniston Allure CoverPoor Jennifer Aniston got Photoshopped to hell in the latest issue of Allure. Shame on the magazine for turning her into a CGI animation, but Aniston gets a pass. The accompanying feature confirms that the former Friends actress isn’t responsible for every detail of her public appearance: Aniston pegs The Rachel cut as "the ugliest haircut" she’d ever seen. [RightCelebrity]

Anne Hathaway has landed the role of Catwoman in the upcoming Batman flick. Hathaway’s got a squeaky-clean image, but she seems pretty devious. [HollywoodDame]

When asked about his Breaking Dawn sex scene with girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart, Twilight actor Robert Pattinson compares the staged hanky-panky to a game of Twister. [AmyGrindhouse]

So far the most enthusiastic response to Snooki‘s new novel has come from a Bill O’Reilly producer that crashed the Jersey Shore star’s book signing and got into a shouting match with the budding novelist’s publicist. Luckily for us, someone got a video of the "sort-of celebrity showdown." [Starcasm]

The Star claims that Hilary Duff is pregnant! Congrats to her! (But am I the only former Lizzie Mcguire fan that’s a little freaked out?) [AnythingHollywood]

Speaking of the television guilty pleasures of my teenage years, former My So-Called Life actress Claire Danes regrets not finishing college and giving herself some time away from the public eye. [GirlsTalkingSmack]

The smartest shock freak in the history of pop culture, Marilyn Manson, is slated to be a judge on Austria’s version of The X Factor. Is it too much to hope that his foray into television lasts a long, long time? Manson’s brand of grotesque charm would make him a great guest judge on ANTM. [CelebDirtyLaundry]