Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg Share an Illicit Past; Justin Timberlake Flirt-Texts Olivia Munn

Cameron DiazCameron Diaz appeared on the George Lopez Show last night, and looked back on her high school years. One of her former classmates? Snoop Dogg, and Diaz is "pretty sure" she bought weed from him. Ah, memories. [INeedMyFix]

Will Smith cast his daughter, Willow Smith, as little orphan Annie in his remake of the classic musical. The 21st-century Annie will swap out her ginger curls for dreadlocks, and she’ll be twirling around to a soundtrack selected by Jay-Z. [DailyMirror]

Although recent reports pegged Taylor Swift as massively heartbroken after her split with Jake Gyllenhaal, the pair was recently spotted enjoying an affectionate dinner at a restaurant in Nashville. Not a smart move on Taylor’s part: seeing Jake is just going to lead to a horrible cycle of euphoria, devastation, regret. I’m ready to see Taylor move on to someone else (please let it be James Franco). [Earsucker]

Megan Fox looks ridiculously sexy in her skivvies for Armani‘s Spring campaign. Want to get her look? Try reprogramming your genetic code. [DailyStab]

Jessica Biel is hanging out alone on a beach in Hawaii while her boyfriend Justin Timberlake is back in New York, courting Olivia Munn via text. Timberlake’s texts said that his relationship with Biel was "basically over" and that he’d been thinking about Munn. And I think that if he really meant it, he would pick up the phone. [HaveUHeard]

Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged. The two celebs are not exactly my cup of tea, but they seem genuinely happy – so congrats to them! [DippedInCream]