Meet Elizabeth Olsen: Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Stylish Sister

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Olsen made waves at last week’s Sundance Film Festival, and it’s got nothing to do with nepotism. 

Elizabeth Olsen in a preppy outfit at Sundance 2011.Elizabeth Olsen in a casual outfit at Sundance 2011.

Olsen is Mary-Kate and Ashley‘s younger sister, and is being hailed as the breakout star of the film festival for her roles in Silent House and Martha Marcy May Marlene. Her striking resemblance to Mary-Kate and Ashley doesn’t hurt; the green-eyed brunette has been repeatedly referred to as "the other Olsen".   

Lizzie’s performances aren’t the only thing garnering attention at Sundance. Her laid-back style has Mary-Kate and Ashley fans scratching their heads. The ability to look effortlessly stylish seems to run in the Olsen family, although it certainly manifests in different ways. 

Prior to being crowned the “it” girl of Sundance, Olsen was best known for being the "Elizabeth" in her sisters’ label, Elizabeth and James.  With such a unique style, many wonder if she really grew up alongside the same girls who made giant bags and oversized Starbucks drinks accessory staples! Olsen’s radiant smile extends from ear to ear, quite the opposite of the pouting poses Mary-Kate and Ashley admirers are used to. 

Elizabeth Olsen in a bohemian dress at Sundance 2011.Elizabeth Olsen in a nude dress at Sundance 2011.

Lizzie sported oversized sweaters with slim-fitting pants while out on the Sundance circuit, and is taller than her twin sisters. One thing all three sisters have in common is their lanky frames, which make it easy for the actresses to experiment with layering and draping. 

Olsen confessed to The New York Times that the nudity in Martha Marcy May Marlene was a "stretch" for her. “Me as a person, I don’t even wear things that show my midriff ever," she said, "I’m a very covered-up human being.”  The rave reviews are a warm welcome for Olsen, who acted alongside her sisters in the 1996 flick The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission.

“When I would go shopping with my sisters when I was younger, it would be dangerous. People would almost get us into car accidents. I just think it’s crazy in general but I want to be an actor – and I have since I was a little girl – and if that happens, then you figure out how to deal with it where it doesn’t completely infringe upon your life,” she told the press about her transition into film. 

Olsen recently signed on to star in Red Lights with Hollywood heavyweights Robert DeNiro, Sigourney Weaver, and Cillian Murphy. No matter what Olsen takes on next, fashion fans await her every outfit to see what will evolve into her signature look, and if her style will surpass her trendsetting sisters!