Lindsay Lohan’s Ovitz Court Dress Sells Out; Lady Gaga’s New Single Released

Lindsay Lohan Ortiz dress at courtI don't know what she was thinking, but Lindsay Lohan wore a tiny white minidress to court on Wednesday for her arraignment in the felony grand theft case. Lindsay might've thought that a flash of leg would endear her to the judge or maybe she just pulled on a dress she liked without thinking twice. Either way, the $575 Kimberly Ovitz dress has sold out since Lindsay's appearance. Designers, look to the criminal justice system to promote your wares. [StyleBakery]

Justin Bieber is moving out of his mom's house. The pop star is only sixteen years old, but he's reportedly worth approximately $65 million, so he shouldn't have too much trouble finding a place of his own. Sources say that Bieber has his eye on $1.6 million three-bedroom apartment in Westwood, which sure beats my first apartment: a $475-a-month two-room studio that I shared with a friend. [CelebDirtyLaundry]

Newlyweds Katy Perry and Russell Brand are apparently less than happy and in couples therapy, due to the increasing demands of their separate careers. Whatever, if they aren't happy, I'll be glad to date Russell Brand. [INeedMyFix]

Ha! Rihanna has a new boyfriend and it's Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. Things are heating up romantically, but I'm betting that this relationship has a short shelf life. The most they can hope to get out of this fling? A couple of terrible tattoos. [HollywoodDame]

Big story: Michelle Obama wore a $35 H&M dress on the Today Show and looked great. Next up? Michelle Obama designs a limited edition capsule collection for the Swedish retailer, and the CFDA freaks out and condemns Obama for siding with fast fashion and neglecting American designers. [RightCelebrity]

David Beckham is planning a romantic Valentine's Day for Victoria Beckham, including a candlelit dinner and a serenade on the Brooklyn Bridge. Just kidding about the serenade, but the couple will actually be strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge Monday night, gazing wistfully at the water. Bridges are great and romantic and all that, but what's David thinking? Victoria wears five-inch stilettos and runs on nail polish fumes: she's going to pass out. [GirlsTalkinSmack]

For your own V Day festivities, here's a solution for Valentine's Day roses that die in a week–flower subscriptions. [SheFINDS]

So, Lady Gaga's new single, "Born This Way" was released today. If you like Gaga, click through to check it out or listen to the song below. If you hate Gaga, you probably need new material to make fun of her with, so click through to check it out or listen to the song below. [DippedInCream]