Vivienne Westwood Had Never Heard of Emma Watson; Snooki Sells Slippers

Vivienne Westwood presents style icon award to Emma WatsonAt the Elle Style Awards, Vivienne Westwood presented the Style Icon of the year award to Emma Watson, per the actress’ request. Unfortunately for Emma, Westwood used her introduction as a chance to tell the crowd that she hadn’t even known who or what Emma Watson was until the day of the ceremony. To her credit, the star took her idol’s snub in stride, laughing uproariously at the admission and hugging the designer onstage. I don’t know whether or not to applaud Vivienne Westwood’s honesty or roll my eyes: awards should be about the recipient, not the presenter, and it might have been out of line for the designer to pulll attention away from Emma and onto herself. [GirlsTalkinSmack]

Snooki is officially the first novelist-turned-slipper designer, and the reality star obviously spent as much time on her new collection of fuzzy footwear as she had crafting her gloriously bad novel (choice excerpt: “Yum. Johnny Hulk tasted like fresh gorilla.”) Click through for a laugh. [OKMagazine]

Speaking of celebrity-multitaskers, James Franco is the most famous one of all. Apart from being the love of my life (a full-time job, if there ever was one), the actor is currently pursuing a doctorate in Literature at Yale, producing his own films, acting in Hollywood blockbusters, prepping to co-host the Oscars, writing short stories and essays for obscure Brooklyn-based journals, and recording tracks for fashion shows. And because he evidently has a ton of time on his hands, the actor/life-force has just opened a solo art exhibition, “The Dangerous Book for Boys” at the esteemed Peres Projects gallery in Berlin. Based on gallery photos, the work is unexpectedly strong, but the individual pieces haven’t been titled: looks like for once, James Franco ran out of time. [Style.com]

Lindsay Lohan might have to go directly to jail and not pass go. Instead of going to trial for petty theft of the $5,000 necklace, the judge might charge Lindsay with violating her probation, and straight behind bars without a criminal proceeding. [AnythingHollywood]

Justin Bieber‘s latest hopes and dreams? To perform a duet with Britney Spears. Singing with the squeaky-clean Biebster would be good for Britney’s washed-up image, but they have to play this right: Beibs should shave his hair onstage or patter around a gas station bathroom barefoot while Britney wails mournfully in the background. [HaveUHeard]

No surprises here: Lady Gaga‘s new single “Born This Way” skyrockets to the top of the Billboard 100. [RightCelebrity]

Shop the first Macy’s collaboration ever: Kinder Aggugini for Macy’s. [SheFinds]

Photo from WENN