Dior Suspends John Galliano Over Alleged Anti-Semitic Remarks; Things Get Steamy Between Colin Farrell and Rihanna

John GallianoLast night, John Galliano was briefly detained due to accusations that he made anti-Semitic remarks in a Parisian cafe. The incident occurred during a verbal argument between the designer and other patrons, but the nature of the disagreement hasn't been reported. Police confirm that the designer had a blood alcohol level of 1.01 and hasn't been charged. Dior has suspended Galliano until the police conclude their investigation of the incident. On The Fashion Spot Twitter, our Style Editor, Sharon Feiereisen, crystallized the forming public consensus: "I hope he didn't say anything anti-Semitic like they are reporting, bc no matter how much I love Galliano I could never buy anything he designed again." It would be a major disappointment if these allegations were confirmed, but it's at least comforting to learn that both Dior and the French police acted swiftly regardless of Galliano's power and influence. [The Cut]

In a more frivolous part of the universe, Colin Farrell and Rihanna are reportedly sexting. No word on what or how they're sexting, but sources say Rihanna started it, and the bawdy flirtation has been going swimmingly. Farrell and Rihanna both have a little bit of a bite, and they'd make a terrific couple if they could put down their cell phones long enough to go on a real date. [RightCelebrity]

If you're feeling less than flush, you should make a playdate with the young Suri Cruise. While in Vancouver with her nanny and bodyguard, the celeb tot whipped out her credit card at a Starbucks to treat her caretakers to a cup of joe. If my job involved a four-year-old doling out my doses of caffeine, I would quit. [DippedInCream]

Diane Kruger just discovered that she's not always right, and that her looks have played a substantial part in getting her everything she wants. "I feel like I'm not cultured enough, that I'm stupid sometimes." Better to have this realization late than never Diane, but don't be so hard on yourself: everyone's stupid sometimes, even James Franco. [GirlsTalkinSmack]

Lindsay Lohan's friends are terrified that if she's sentenced, she won't be able to survive jail. They might have a point, but Lindsay's also demonstrated that she can't survive the free world, so there's nothing at stake in this coin toss. [CelebDirtyLaundry]

Lady Gaga is inspirational for her rise to fame, her message, and her blatant disregard of pants. The pop star has been wobbling around the freezing streets of New York City with nothing but a leather jacket and a pair of fishnets over her lingerie. You could probably get her look for less, but please don't. [HaveUHeard]

Real Housewife Countess LuAnn de Lesseps got undressed for Law & Order SVU. If that seems like a decidedly unclassy move from the evangelist of all things classy, you'll be pleased to know that she's playing an art model. Nudity doesn't get any classier then that. [Starcasm]