Stars of Glee Cooking and Other Celeb Twitpics of the Week

This week, the star-studded world of Twitter revealed Lea Michele in the kitchen, Stefano Gabbana and his gang at Milan Fashion Week, and Francesco Sconamiglio‘s pick for ‘the woman of the season’.

Lea Michele cooking.Coco Rocha spots an adorable little girl.

The stars of Glee seem to hang out on and off the screen.  Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn, tweeted this picture of Lea Michele “making us yummy food after a long day of dancing.” Supermodel Coco Rocha spotted this adorable little girl and tweeted, “If I ever had a kid she has to be [this] fashionable for sure.”  She and interior designer James Conran would make great parents.

Stefano Gabbana and his fashion posse at Milan Fashion Week.J. Lo's parking spot at American Idol.

Stefano Gabbana tweeted this picture of his international fashion posse, which includes Domenico Dolce, Filipino fashion blogger Bryan Boy, and editor-at-large of Vogue Nippon, Anna Dello Russo, at Via Spiga at Milan Fashion Week.  J.Lo‘s enjoying the perks of her new job as the latest addition to the judge’s panel on American Idol. “First day on the real set of Idol…got my own parking space ;)” she Tweeted

Jay Manuel wears Tom Ford.Designer Francesco Sconamiglio tweeted this picture of Emily Baker.

Jay Manuel let his Twitter followers pick his outfit for his appearance discussing fashion at The Oscars on The Early Show. “Question: I’m wear all Tom Ford tomorrow, should I give a bow tie moment with great pattern mixing, or a straight tie pattern combo. vote…” he tweeted on Sunday, then posted this picture on Monday with the results: “Well…Tom Ford, Bow tie, pattern mixing won hands down! Thanks 4 picking my wardrobe. In the dressing room–>”  Designer Francesco Sconamiglio posted this picture of fresh-faced Emily Baker, who’s only 16, backstage at Milan Fashion Week. “Emily Baker the woman of the season…will open the show Amazing Creature,” he tweeted.  Looks like she’s one to watch.