Worst Celebrity-Designed Clothing Lines

Triple threats no longer cut it in Hollywood. Years ago, if you could sing, dance, and act, you had an edge over the competition, but today we know that a triple threat is hardly a threat at all. In order to be a star, you have to do everything! That includes having your own makeup, perfume, and clothing lines. But just because you can act and dance and sing doesn't mean you can design clothes. And as we know all too well, many times celebrities have no hand in the process, but are more than happy to attach their name for the paycheck. For your viewing horror, a roundup of the worst celebrity designs. 

Material Girl clothing line by Madonna.

Material Girl by Madonna

Madonna created a juniors clothing line sold exclusively at Macy's and it's completely horrible! Having visited Macy's recently, I got to see everything up close and personal, and it was even worse than expected. The line was designed by Madonna and her adorable daughter Lourdes, but it is nothing either of them should want their names attached to. Some of the designs aren't that offensive, and new spokesperson Kelly Osbourne even manages to look cute in recent promotional shots, but the quality of the clothes is really terrible. While it is a juniors line that stresses affordability, they use the cheapest fabric possible and in person it really shows. 

Abby Dawn by Avril Lavigne

Abby Dawn by Avril Lavigne

I don't know why a 26-year-old woman, who still dresses the same way she did as a 16-year-old, has a clothing line. If you like skulls, glitter, and graffiti, then Abby Dawn is where you'll want to shop. But if you aren't living in 2002, you'll be hard pressed to understand why someone with so little fashion sense could have her own line. Perhaps Abby Dawn's "What The Hell" t-shit isn't just referring to Avril's latest single.

Heidi Montag's clothing line, Heidiwood.

Heidiwood By Heidi Montag

What do you do when you have no talent, but are desperate for fame? Make a fool of yourself on a reality show, of course. Barbie impersonator Heidi Montag proved she had such great taste in men, like Spencer Pratt, that someone figured she must have great taste in clothes too. Heidiwood was the premier line for stripper-chic apparel. With booty shorts and zebra-print dresses that barely make it past the top of your thighs, it's a shame you can no longer purchase Heidi's designs … unless they are floating around on eBay.

House of Dereon

House of Dereon by Beyonce 

Many people think Beyonce can do no wrong. Well, she did. House of Dereon is just ugly. It's reminiscent of Ed Hardy, and you never want to evoke Ed Hardy. Every piece has too much going on; too many buttons, ties, and logos. Frankly, the line is just painful to look at!


Other Failed Celebrity Fashion Lines:

RIP Dear by Amanda Bynes, Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton… A little advice? Stick to your day jobs.