Freaky Friday for BFFs Anna Dello Russo & Kanye West; Robert Pattinson Fears His Fans

Anna Dello Russo & Kanye West

We may have raised an eyebrow or two when we learned that megastar Kanye West had a hankering to sign up for fashion grad school at Saint Martins College in London, the alma mater of top designers like Giles Deacon, Christopher Kane, and Alexander McQueen. There's no doubt that Kanye is head-over-heels for fashion, but we've all learned to approach celebrity-designed collections with a healthy dose of skepticism. News that Kanye wanted to turn his favorite hobby into a second career was followed by reports that the well-heeled rapper was turned away from the Balmain and Alexander McQueen shows in Paris when he arrived without an invitation.

Nevertheless, Kanye seems determined to wiggle his way into the fashion spotlight: shortly after his Paris snub, Vogue Nippon editor and forum favorite Anna Dello Russo posted a photo love letter to Kanye West. Underneath a series of Paris Fashion Week street style pics of the duo running around between shows, the editor posted the caption, "Me and Kanye, we share the same PASSION/OBSESSION for FASHION!"

With ADR on his side, it seems unlikely that Kanye will get snubbed again next season, and as Kanye gears up to make a mark on the fashion world (word has it that he cozied up to Kate Moss at the Givenchy afterparty, and invited the supermodel to perform a duet with him at SXSW), Anna is turning her attention to the music industry. In a recent profile, Anna Dello Russo refuted any speculation that she was planning a clothing line. Instead, ADR is taking a page out of Kanye's book and gearing up to make a record. Wondering if Kanye's going to help out with his bosom buddy's new musical venture? I'd bet on it. [The Independent]


No one knows what caused Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's long-anticipated breakup, but everyone wants to talk about it. Two claims have so far been denied: 1) Despite some speculation the couple split because Jessica was pressuring Justin into marriage, a source close to the actress says that Jessica Biel "wasn't even thinking about marriage." [AnythingHollywood] 2) Despite their evident chemistry at the Academy Awards, it seems certain that Justin and his co-presenter, Mila Kunis, haven't had any kind of physical or romantic relationship that caused the split. If there had been any infidelity on Justin's part, it wasn't with the Black Swan: earlier reports that Justin was canoodling with Olivia Munn haven't been denied. [AmyGrindhouse]


In other breakup news, last night's The Bachelor finale ended with an engagement when Brad Womack chose to give Emily Maynard the final rose. Unfortunately, any illusions of love were shattered when the couple revealed they were having relationship difficulties and had put their wedding on hold. Today brings word that the couple has actually split, for good. Sorry to all the fans, but it's never a shocker when a Bachelor relationship bites the dust. [INeedMyFix]


Speaking of television, Bravo haters can rejoice: producer and Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen has just announced that the network has decided against expanding the Real Housewives franchise to any other cities. [Starcasm]


I hope you're sitting down for what I'm about to tell you, Twihards. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have filmed their honeymoon scene and are getting ready to shoot their vampire wedding in the first week of April. [Earsucker] As excited as you are, try to get a grip. As much as you love Pattinson, it's your fault that he's living like a vagabond in a series of hotels. In a recent interview, the actor denied rumors that he was buying himself a house. Pattinson is homeless because he's terrified that any security system wouldn't be enough to keep his rabid fans from sneaking in through the back door. "I’m afraid of buying a house or anything – the best way to deal with it is just to move around all the time.” Yikes! Take it easy on the Twilight actors, 'kay guys? There's such a thing as too much love, and you're making them miserable. [CelebDirtyLaundry]