Why Grace Coddington Quit British Vogue When Anna Wintour Took Over; Beckhams’ Daughter’s Name

Grace Coddington Once Left VogueIn a profile of her former boss for More Intelligent Life, one of Grace Coddington‘s former assistants writes that the current Creative Director of Vogue left her position as fashion editor at British Vogue in December 1986, nine months after Anna Wintour took the helm as the magazine’s Editor-In-Chief. “Anna was much more into ‘sexy’ than I was,” Coddington said of her departure. After two years as the design director at Calvin Klein, Coddington rejoined Wintour at American Vogue, explaining that she missed working in the magazine industry: “Excitement on 7th Avenue ends with the show. The next day it’s all marketing.” And as we saw in The September Issue, Coddington won the fight to assert her own point-of-view in one of the world’s leading fashion glossies.  [More Intelligent Life]

We recently wrote that Victoria Beckham, another fashion figure that found success in the industry on her own terms, was pregnant, and it’s just been announced that three boys into childbearing, Posh and Becks are having a girl. Because Victoria and David Beckham made absurd choices when it came to christening their three sons (Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, Romeo James Beckham, and Cruz David Beckham) there’s been plenty of speculation regarding the future name of the celeb couple’s first daughter. Following past trends, I’m guessing this lucky baby’s middle name will be Victoria, and her first name will be ultra-feminine and dramatic, possibly a reference to an iconic work of art. Everyone who reads these words owes me $5 if the newest Beckham is named Ophelia. A less likely but more awesome possibility? Just as David and Victoria named their son Brooklyn in an homage to a romantic late-night walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, maybe this time they’ll take a stroll across the Queensboro and title their daughter Queen Victoria Beckham. [DippedInCream]

Speaking of the trials and tribulations of celebrity progeny, Suri Cruise‘s age-inappropriate heels are the least of her problems. Katie & Tom’s daughter was spotted snacking on penis-shaped candy at a New York restaurant this week. In my opinion, phallic-shaped foods are an unseemly choice even for adults, unless they happen to be at a bachelorette party, but maybe Scientologists would beg to differ? [GirlsTalkingSmack]

In other celebrity baby news (I’m on a roll with these items today!), it looks like Ryan Phillipe is going to be a dad again. [RightCelebrity]

Some are questioning the timing of Vanessa Hudgens‘ nude photo leak, which coincides with the release of her upcoming film, Sucker Punch. Oh of course: I’m sure Warner Brothers, the film’s distributors, would eat up the opportunity to promote an $85-million film targeted to teenagers by alienating parents and I’m even more certain that the 22-year-old Disney Channel star would gamble her career, reputation, and fan base in order fill seats for a studio film that promises to be “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns.” [HaveUHeard]

Here’s a roundup of the best printed wedges – and they’re all on sale. Let your shoes get a little attention for once. [SheFinds]

What’s better than a cheesy has-been boy band? TWO cheesy has-been boy bands. Two of the most ridiculous musical acts of the past couple decades are collaborating on a national tour and a new album. That’s right: the New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys are joining forces to create the ultimate campy thrill ride, the (awesomely) titled N.K.O.T.B.S.B. When the album drops, throw a couple of bucks their way for the pleasure of pop nostalgia: I doubt this is a passion project, it’s far more likely that the New Kids and the Backstreet Boys have spent the past ten years unemployed. [DailyStab]

Daniel Radcliffe says he has a “secret girlfriend” which, if I learned anything from The Brady Bunch Movie, is always a euphemism for, “I have an imaginary girlfriend.” I kid, I kid: I’m sure Radcliffe’s mystery lady is very real and knows how to rock an Invisibility Cloak. [HollywoodDame]