Rachel Zoe’s McQueen Diaper Bag and Other Celeb Twitpics of the Week

This week, the star-studded world of Twitter revealed Taylor Swift‘s secret haircutting talent, Lucy Hale looking bored on the job, and stars’ fashion finds.

Taylor Swift cuts hair!

When a hair emergency arises, Taylor Swift is ready to lay down her guitar and pick up some scissors. While backstage at her show in Madrid, she tweeted “Uh oh- @elizabethhuett wanted bangs. Pre-show haircut!” before posting this pic of the end result.  

Kelly Osbourne's dogs snoozing.

One of the best parts about The Osbourne’s MTV reality show was watching the antics of the family’s herd of dogs. Kelly Osbourne may have grown out of her reality show behavior, but it looks like the dogs haven’t. She tweeted this pic of her seriously cute poodle snoozing.  “Look at the way my dog sleeps on my couch it’s soooo funny!!!”

Lucy Hale looking bored on the set of Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars writer I. Marlene King tweeted this sneak peak from the set of the show, with the message “I love this snap of @lucyyhale waiting while we rehearse.”  It looks like not every moment in the life of an actress is as exciting as we imagine.

Demi Moore tweets about Pursemonkey.

Demi Moore has a bizarre but fun Twitter meme going where she posts pics of this stuffed animal she calls Pursemonkey, well, monkeyin’ around. Pursemonkey has been all over SXSW, and here he is “kickin’ it with Diplo!” 

Lindsay Lohan loves Sass & Bide.Rachel Zoe sporting a McQueen black bag.

Celebs love to Tweet about their latest fashion finds. Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she loves Sass & Bide with this picture of their striped sleeveless wrap top, and Rachel Zoe posted a pic of her new oversized leather bag, tweeting “OMG!!! Mqueen diaper bag????? It leaves me speechless!! XoRZ”  Are you as dumbstruck as she is?