Sienna Miller Refuses Underwear; Russell Brand Trades Sex for Gardening

Sienna MillerStar Magazine convinced a few celebrity stylists to spill the dirt about their A-list clients. Some of you might be curious to know that Joe Jonas uses anti-cellulite cream because he's insecure about his "big thighs" and that Ciara's fashion missteps are due to her unwillingness to listen to her stylist's advice, but my favorite morsel of dirt was about Sienna Miller's choice of undergarments. Apparently, the English actress is all about the push-up bra ("she wants her breasts to look perky"), but she'll refuse to slide on a pair of underpants. "I don't think she even owns a pair," alleges the anonymous stylist. Unfortunately, no one was able to comment on whether James Franco wears boxers or briefs. [HollywoodDame]

Reformed womanizer Russell Brand says that he hasn't been making whoopee as much as he used to. Before marrying Katy Perry, Brand would have sex over twenty times a week, but that he's toned things down and transferred all of that, er, energy into gardening. "Now I’m a bloody good gardener," he brags. I sure wouldn't mind taking a peek at his petunias. [INeedMyFix]

Rebecca Black will not only earn approximately $1 million for sales of her single "Friday" on iTunes and another $300,000 for YouTube video views [CelebDirtyLaundry], she's also recieved high praise from Lady Gaga. "I say Rebecca Black is a genius and that anybody telling her she’s cheesy is full of shit,” said the uber pop star about the viral video sensation that many critics dubbed the "worst singer in the world." [Starcasm] Well, "genius" might be a stretch, but to Black's credit, she's donating all profits to Japan and her school. That's beyond admirable, since Black's single will probably end up in the trivia bin in a year's time. She should like, write a song about it or something.

Kim Kardashian is dreaming of better things: the reality star heiress has recently revealed that she's been itching to become either a crime scene investigator or a makeup artist that works on crime scenes. Very cute Kim, but I hear that the recession's really done a number on America's formerly vibrant crime-scene-makeup-artist industry. Anyway, good luck and all that! I'm sure you'd be super fun to work with, and not even sort of a diva. [AnythingHollywood]

As Kim Kardashian sets some goals for herself, another tabloid trainwreck is partying up a storm. Even though she's on probation and is due at court on Friday, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly visited seven nightclubs in the course of the four days. All eyewitness accounts insist that the celebrity trainwreck was definitely "not drinking" or stealing $5k necklaces, so she's obviously a whole new person. [AmyGrindhouse]

BREAKING: Robert Pattinson isn't a thirteen year old girl. The Twilight star admits that he kind of likes Justin Bieber, but hasn't succumbed to the fever. "He’s got a lot of people creating the hysteria. He’s great but that type of thing isn’t for me.” [Earsucker]

Prepare to be assaulted by the Dukan Diet. The French fad diet, a favorite of Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Middleton, is coming to America on the back of an elephantine publicity budget. The French version has sold 3.5 million copies and been translated into 14 languages, and the American edition was acquired with a $1.3 million advance. The Dukan system is basically a tweak on the Atkins Diet, with a bunch of oat bran mixed in. [RightCelebrity]