Red Carpet: the Metropolitan Opera Premiere of Le Comte Ory

Plenty of stars turned out for the Yves Saint Laurent-sponsored gala premiere of Metropolitan Opera's Le Comte Ory. Enjoy the polished, high society style on display.

Ashley Olsen at the OperaMary Kate Olsen at the OperaC.Smith/WENN.com

Most Opera guests opt for binoculars, but Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen went for sunglasses instead. 

Claire Danes at the OperaClaudia Schiffer at the OperaIvan Nikolov/WENN.com

The lovely Claire Danes (left) channels her My So-Called Life character Angela Chase: "It's good to get really dressed up once in a while. And admit the truth: that when you really look closely? People are so strange and so complicated that they're actually… beautiful. Possibly even me." (Hurrah for Netflix Instant!) 

Claudia Schiffer (right) turns her back to the cameras but tosses a smile their way. Definitely a practiced pose.

Emmy Rossum at the OperaJulianna Marguiles at the OperaIvan Nikolov/WENN.com

Emmy Rossum (left) glows in a sea green YSL gown while Julianna Margulies clowns around in chic black.  

Lily Cole and Christine Baranski at the OperaOlivia Munn at the Opera

Mr. Blue/WENN.com & Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

Actress Christine Baranski and her daughter Lily Cowles (left) show off their mischievous, peekaboo smiles. Olviia Munn went for a strapless velvet gown paired with a casual, wavy bob.