A Fresh-Faced Tyra Banks and Other Celebrity Twitpics of the Week

Tyra Banks

This week, the star-studded world of Twitter revealed a fresh-faced Tyra Banks, Peaches Geldoff's pick for summer specs, and Olivia Munn's face-off with karma. 

Tyra Banks tweeted a pic of herself without makeup.Lauren Conrad's office got destroyed, and she tweeted a picture.

It's bold for a celebrity to go out without makeup, let alone post a picture of their bare face on Twitter. Tyra Banks did just that when she tweeted, "I'm having a washed face working Wednesday. Are you?" Fortunately for her, the risk is low when you're a former supermodel! Lauren Conrad encountered either an earthquake or a poltergeist this week. She tweeted this pic of her destroyed office with the mysterious message, "Mid meeting 3 mirrors fall off my wall and explode all over my office… For no reason at all." 

Jessica Alba tweeted a pic of herself with Jessica magazine.Peaches Geldof tweeted a picture of her summer sunglasses.

Jessica Alba was in China this week for Diane von Furstenberg's high-fashion Red Ball in Shanghai. She was surprised to discover her name on the Chinese magazine, Jessica. "Who knew I had a mag in China!" tweeted the star. Celebutante Peaches Geldoff tweeted this pic of her "summer shades."

Serena Williams next to a Justin Bieber poster.Olivia Munn with an ice pack.

Serena Williams posed with a Justin Bieber cardboard cut-out and tweeted, "Omg look who I ran into! @justinbeiber love him!!" The two celebs have something in common – they both have their own O.P.I. nail polish collection! Let's hope Williams' Bieber fever was just an April Fool's joke. Olivia Munn proved that you can't touch Britney Spears. She posted this pic of her bruised face, tweeting, "Made a Britney joke, then a door hit me. God's on Britney's side. Not mine. Got it." She later posted another of her bleeding finger with the caption, "Opened my bottle of wine @ConanObrien & cut my finger. Damn Britney karma. I'm sorry, okay?!! Sigh."