Coco Rocha and Co for Karl Lagerfeld’s Diet Coke; Vogue Italia’s Jessica Alba Disaster

Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke Campaign

Even though those of us in the US can’t purchase one of the Karl Lagerfeld-designed Diet Coke bottles in our local stores, at least we can ogle the ads. The campaign for the Kaiser’s favorite fizzy drink features models Coco Rocha, Heidi Mount, and Jeneil Williams guzzling the calorie-free soda from Karl Lagerfeld’s new limited-edition pink and silver bottles. The tongue-in-cheek campaign was shot against a white backdrop at Lagerfeld’s Paris apartment and combines a bubblegum pop sensibility with sassy retro references, like Coco Rocha’s Mireille Mathieu hair. [Fashionista]

Hey, did you guys know that Jessica Alba is sexy and also kind of tough because she plays superheroes sometimes? Vogue Italia gives the actress Betty Page bangs and dresses her up as a dominatrix with heaving cleavage and shoots her against a grimy, industrial background. So unexpected and not at all obvious! It’s shocking that Alba’s not just down-to-earth and demure, that she can be edgy! Thanks for showing us a different side of an overexposed celebrity, Vogue Italia, you’re really on to something here. Maybe for your next spread, you can dress Victoria Beckham in a Herve Leger bandage dress and Louboutins and have her glower into the the camera while holding shopping bags? Genius! [AmyGrindhouse]

Even though the best word to describe Lindsay Lohan‘s personal life is “disaster”, it looks like the performer might be able to pull off a career comeback. The girl that singlehandedly keeps the tabloids in business has been cast as Victoria Gotti in the upcoming Gotti biopic, beating out two rising stars: Gossip Girl star and Lagerfeld favorite Blake Lively, and actress and fashion darling Sienna Miller. Turns out that Lindsay and Gotti are buddies, and that the former gossip columnist lobbied the film’s producers on Lohan’s behalf, but this doesn’t seem like a standard fix: I can’t really think of anyone better to play the scrappy, brassy daughter of a convicted mob boss, and unless Lohan has a nervous breakdown on set or forgets to show up to the shoots, maybe she’ll spend some time away from her favorite haunts: rehab clinics and courtrooms.  [HaveUHeard]

Bethenny Frankel is getting her own talk show! Frankel is pretty much the perfect daytime talk show host: whipsmart and emotional, with a lot to say about topshelf tequila and how to whip up a high-protein/low-carb meal for two. So far, there’s just one issue: the Skinny Girl founder and reality TV star needs a catchphrase, and I don’t know if she’ll be able to come up with one that won’t get bleeped out on TV. [Starcasm]

One of my favorite funny ladies, Tina Fey, is pregnant with her second child! In February, Fey had written an essay for the New Yorker describing how conflicted she felt about wanting to have another child because she worried that getting pregnant would jeopardize the upward trajectory of her career. Well, congratulations to Fey – I am glad she decided to have a baby – but I can’t pretend I’m not sad to hear that the happy news is going to bring about the end of 30 Rock: Alec Baldwin just confirmed that the show is going off the air in 2012. [DippedInCream]

In David Letterman‘s words, Eva Longoria wore “only part of a tuxedo” to his show last night. [DailyStab]

In an interview with Life & Style, Jennifer Aniston “spills her diet secrets,” which are, unsurprisingly, identical to the diet secrets every other celebrity has ever shared in a magazine. For example, did you know that thin actresses “eat well and work out?” But did you know that they definitely don’t “starve” themselves and allow themselves to “indulge” because there’s no way they could ever give up “cheese and wine?” If this probing feature doesn’t tell you everything you need to know to look like a Hollywood celebrity, nothing ever will. [INeedMyFix]