What to Wear to a Lady Gaga Concert


Lady Gaga is making her way around the world on tour and she has all of her fashion forward fans in a frenzy about what to wear to her concert. Devoted fans will take their fashion in a literal translation by mimicking Gaga’s most famous styles. But for those of us not interested in wearing raw meat, a less severe choice inspired by the pop princesses wardrobe is available. Studded accessories, platinum and neon hair clips, and nothing less than a 5-inch platform scream, “I heart Gaga” as you sing along to her lyrics in the audience.

Check out the key pieces below for Lady Gaga-inspired looks that you can even wear again after the concert.


1. Walter Studded Dress $72.24  2. Neon Hair Extensions $5.99  3. Black Sunglasses  4. Cynthia Vincent Three Strap Shoes $215  5. Sparitual Emerald Nail Polish $10  6. Mac Cyber Lipstick