John Galliano Gets Axed by John Galliano; Catherine Zeta-Jones Hospitalized for Bipolar Disorder

John Galliano fired from John GallianoEven though John Galliano was swiftly fired from Dior last month after a leaked video posted online showed the designer proclaiming his love for Hitler and making other racist and anti-Semitic remarks, his future at his namesake label wasn't made clear until today. In the wake of his exit from a month-long rehabilitation program in Arizona, WWD reports that the label's board met and agreed to formally fire the disgraced designer from his eponymous line. The decision isn't completely surprising, given that Christian Dior SA owns 91% of John Galliano; the company suspended the designer from Dior immediately after charges were made against him, and moved to fire him as soon as video evidence surfaced. Although Dior has a legacy that predates Galliano, the John Galliano label has been the sole product of a single man's vision. And while there are several well-placed contenders to head Dior, it's hard to imagine another designer replacing John Galliano at his namesake line. Although several companies have expressed interest in purchasing John Galliano, Christian Dior SA has no immediate plans to sell the brand. [WWD]

Catherine Zeta-Jones checked herself into a mental health facility for five days for treatment for bipolar disorder. The 41-year-old Oscar winner suffers from Bipolar II, a less extreme version of Type I. In the past year, Zeta-Jones' husband, Michael Douglas, has endured a strenuous struggle with throat cancer as well as a very public financial battle with his ex-wife over his earnings from Wall Street 2. Sources say that the actress wanted to seek treatment before getting to work on two upcoming movie projects. After she left the hospital, Zeta-Jones and Douglas celebrated with a laid-back pizza date. Pizza's always a good idea. I hope they had ice cream for dessert. Sounds like they both deserve it after such a rough year. [DippedInCream]

Here's a more lighthearted story: Once upon a time, America's boyfriend Anderson Cooper got into a public sparring match with professional tanner, Snooki. After Snooki was paid $2,000 more than Nobel Prize winner, Toni Morrison, to speak at Rutgers University, public disgust with the Jersey Shore star reached a fever pitch. The CNN anchor threw some fuel on the fire and slammed Snooki for making $100k per episode on the upcoming season of Jersey Shore: “If you listen closely, you can hear schoolteachers around the country weeping right now,” Cooper said. “…That’s about 2,857 tanning sessions, which is about what she probably needs per year." Ouch! But funny. Anderson, if you ever want to write about celebrities for a fashion site, I can totally hook you up.

Snooki responded, on Twitter:  "Every1s askin me about Mista Anderstand Cooper. He called me freakishly tan AND I’m lucky? Gotta love this man! He’s got a nice tan goin too! Thanks Coop!" On air the next day, Anderson admitted that the reality star was his favorite member of the Jersey Shore cast, and thanked her "for not having some juicehead with bacne beat [him] up, because [she] can do it like that." And then they held hands and skipped merrily into the sunset, and we never saw the grossly overpaid, talentless reality dwarf again. Until she came back as a fire-breathing zombie and killed us all. The End. [HaveUHeard]