Lauren Conrad Launches Beauty Site; Gaga Topples On Stage – Again!

Lauren Conrad HairA decade ago, being a reality TV star might have seemed like a dead-end career choice, a cul-de-sac reserved for flailing actresses and bored twenty-somethings. These days, too many of our dull-witted television personalities are finding a way to linger in the public spotlight even after the cameras have long ago stopped following them around. Lauren Conrad is the latest reality alum that's managed to strike out on her own: since graduating from The Hills, Conrad has written three young adult novels, launched two fashion lines and a diffusion collection for Kohl's, and this week she debuted a new beauty site in collaboration with her hair stylist and makeup artist. Up next? World domination, probably. [HaveUHeard]

Katy Perry might have performed on American Idol with Kanye West last night [DailyStab], but it seems that her husband Russell Brand is hoping that she'll take on a different kind of duet. The British actor recently told an interviewer that he hopes that he and his wife will be able to star together in a movie, even though she's said she'll never work with him again. Another one of Brand's far-flung dreams? To play the part of Winston Churchill in an imaginary biopic. In case that's too ambitious, Brand can always just write a novel and start up a beauty site with his hair stylist. [Earsucker]

Either as part of a PSA warning against the dangers of oversized heels or due to an inner ear infection, Lady Gaga fell down on stage while performing for the second time in a week. Forget what Tyra says about the stiletto, Gaga, maybe it's time to try flats? [Starcasm]

Thought Emma Watson dropped out of Brown because she didn't have time to read history text books on the set of Lancome shoots? That's probably still partly true, but some accounts say that her decision to leave college was due to Harry Potter-related bullying on the part of her classmates. Yea, I'm calling bull on this rumor. Anyone that's been around a college campus in the past five years knows that Harry Potter almost rivals marijuana in popularity. [GirlsTalkinSmack]

Earlier today, while addressing rumors that Angelina Jolie is slated for an upcoming Louis Vuitton campaign, Amy O'Dell on The Cut blog wrote that fashion speculation on our own tFS forums might as well be sourced from "fairies that visit our dreams." That's probably true – if the fairies that visit your dreams are super-knowledgeable fashion obsessives. Unfortunately, my own dream-fairies tend to be self-absorbed dreamboats that hold multiple degrees. [The Cut]