Six months ago, he was ‘Christian Who?’ to most of America. But recently, Christian Siriano beat out Rami Kashou and Jillian Lewis to be crowned the latest winner of Bravo’s hit show, “Project Runway,” with a shiny new Saturn Astra, a spread in Elle magazine, the chance to sell his collection on bluefly.com and one hundred thousand dollars of seed money at his disposal.

Not bad for a “fierce” 22-year-old from Annapolis, Maryland (albeit one who worked for Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen after studying fashion design in London).

“Christian brings a European showman sensibility to American fashion,” Tim Gunn told The Fashion Informer earlier today. “His aesthetic is refined, sophisticated and exuberant, with the latter characteristic ensuring that his work is always editorial.”

“I truly believe that Christian is his generation’s Marc Jacobs,” adds Gunn. “Christian has the aptitude and capacity to be the leading voice in fashion for New York and, accordingly, this nation.  The maturity of his point of view as a designer betrays his relative youth.  He is an old soul.”



The Fashion Informer caught up with the tiny-yet-larger-than-life old soul following the announcement of his big win. And we can report that Monsieur Siriano is just as exuberant in print as he is in person (note the effusive use of exclamation points). But, then, we’d expect nothing less of the diminutive designer known, among other things, as “Ferosha Coutura.”

Q:  What is your favorite off-duty activity?

A:  Shopping!

Q:  What did you have for breakfast this morning?

A:  I had a PBJ [peanut butter and jelly] sandwich, I’m five years old!

Q:  Which other "Project Runway" designer did you consider your biggest competition?

A:  My biggest competition was Jillian and Rami from Day One.

Q:  What was the hardest thing about living/working in close quarters with so many other people for a solid month?

A:  Living and working close was hard because there was no one to vent to!! We all barely knew each other!

Q:  What’s in current rotation on your iPod?

A:  Britney and Rhianna.

Q:  What was your first thought upon being named the winner of “Project Runway?”

A:  My first thought as the winner was that I’m not poor anymore and my life will never be the same! YAY!

Q:  What’s your favorite store in the world?

A:  Dover Street Market in London!

Q:  What was your childhood nickname, and what’s your nickname now?

A:  My childhood nickname was just Chris. Now, I have sooo many. OMG. Prodigy, pocket gay, cocktail, diva, tiny tim, chicken, third Olsen twin, Ferosha Coutura. Too many.

Q:  What freaks you out?

A:  It freaks me out that I just won “Project Runway” and everyone tries to touch me!!

Q:  When are you happiest?

A:  When I’m sewing away and it comes out perfect!

Article courtesy of:  www.thefashioninformer.com

Photos courtesy of Splash News and Christian Siriano’s website at www.christianvsiriano.com