Lady Gaga Feels Like a Loser, Cries [VIDEO]; Justin Bieber Ignores Selena Gomez

Lady Gaga Cries

In a just-released preview clip from HBO's Lady Gaga documentary premiering on May 7, the superstar has a super-sized breakdown in the dressing room before a performance at Madison Square Garden. Gaga gets so worked up over her critics that she starts bawling in her makeup chair because she woke up that morning still feeling "like a loser kid in high school." I don't want to undermine her feelings here, but for some strange reason I can't get worked up about whether or not Gaga *feels* like a loser kid in high school, because most adults sometimes feel like helpless children, and Gaga's actually an international celebrity sitting on top of ludicrous piles of cash. She confesses: "I have to tell myself I'm a superstar every morning so I can get through the day and be for my fans what they need me to be…But sometimes I still feel like people need to destroy me. I can not be destroyed. You will never destroy the kingdom that is my fans." I really don't know what to make of the video, but I think there are three readings of whatever's going on here. 1) Gaga is a self-absorbed diva, 2) Ridiculous fits of emotion are a necessary part of Gaga's prep work before going on stage, 3) She's faking this cry: Gaga seems too smart to cry over nameless, faceless critics that make half-assed attempts to tear her down because she's right in front of them, and they're bored. The pop star loves to rile people up, loves when they talk about her, loves to be famous, and above all, she wants to stay famous. If she isn't planning to go the Lindsay-Lohan-tabloid-trainwreck route, she's got to find some way to freak out once in a while to keep people interested, without giving anything up. At the end of the video, Lady Gaga wipes her tears away and flashes a grin at the camera: "Now I got some shit to do." [HollywoodDame]

(Pssst…in other Lady Gaga news, it seems that her much-anticipated new video, Judas, is going to debut on American Idol next week. Let's hope the Idol judges don't say anything that makes Gaga cry.) [Dipped in Cream]

Oh, this is exciting: power-couple Beyonce and Jay Z are "doing business" with Kanye West in Paris! Hopefully, that means that the superstar trio are collaborating on a song, NOT a clothing line, but only time will tell. [INeedMyFix]

So apparently Justin Bieber has been going overboard with video games, and playing them at the expense of quality time with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. According to sources, Selena's tired of being ignored and getting ready to have a serious talk about it, but let me give her some advice: Dear Selena, Justin is a seventeen-year-old boy, which means he's unaccountable and irresponsible and selfish by nature. Throw in an ocean of fame and a boatload of money, and you've basically got the perfect recipe for The Worst Boyfriend in the World. This might change in a few years, but if you're looking for a supportive, loving relationship with someone right now, Justin's not your guy. If you're looking to hang out with someone you like every now and then while you do your own thing, Justin's a great candidate. Just save yourself the irritation of trying to break his bad video game habit. [Earsucker]