Katy Perry’s Royal Wedding Nails; Do You Want to Be the Next Carine Roitfeld?

Katy Perry Royal Wedding Nails

It's no secret that Katy Perry has always been the reigning queen of out-of-control-awesome nails, but with her latest manicure, the singer has crossed over from royalty to godliness. While everyone in the world was twiddling their thumbs and waiting to see Kate Middleton's wedding gown, Katy was transforming her fingertips into a wacked-out love letter to the bride and groom. She tweeted a picture (below) of the finished manicure earlier today, with the accompanying caption, "In honor of the Royal Wedding, I present you… My royal NAILS! CONGRATS!" Congrats, indeed – to you, Katy Perry: never have I known a greater nail masterpiece. [Twitpic]

Katy Perry Royal Wedding Nails

This January, Star magazine ran a photo of a very disheveled-looking Katie Holmes along with the headline, "Katie DRUG SHOCKER!" [AnythingHollywood] The actress slammed the tabloid with a $50 million dollar lawsuit, which led the publication to issue an official apology and retraction, along with a pledge to make a "substantial donation" to the charity of Katie's choice. Good thing, too! Tawdry rumors in a celeb rag could really hold Katie back from…what  again? Getting a mortgage? Pursuing a career in the corporate world? Getting a boyfriend? Err, I'm actually not sure how anything unrelated to Tom Cruise, Suri, or Scientology could ruin Katie's life but…you show them, Katie!  [RightCelebrity]

Carine Roitfeld

Ever since Carine Roitfeld left the helm at Paris Vogue, the fashion world's been watching the former editrix with eagle eyes. After she assured us that she wouldn't be working with Tom Ford, Carine took a position styling ad campaigns and windows for Barney's, but the new gig wasn't enough to quell speculation about her future. Earlier this week, the internet burned up with rumors that the editor and stylist would try her hand at designing, but it looks like Carine might have other plans. Yesterday, Wayne Sterling from Models.com tweeted: "if you really wannabearoitfeld then your dream is abt to come true. Really true!…Which is to say 'doing windows [at Barney's]' was a big smokescreen." When someone asked if that meant Carine was getting her own reality TV show, Sterling responded with a conspiratorial, "shhhhhh!" Since she doesn't exactly have a full time job right now, I'm not sure what a "wannabearoitfeld" reality show would consist of, apart from looking phenomenal and having a really good eye, but okay. Pro tip for the producers: if you know what's good for you, you'll cast the entire series out of the tFS forums. [Fashionologie]

Some celebs tweet their nails, while others like to get more intimate with their followers. Case in point: Miranda Kerr, who's officially tweeted two photographs of herself breastfeeding her son, Flynn Bloom. The latest picture comes just a week after we got the chance to check out the model's ridiculously fit post-baby body in a bikini at a Victoria's Secret shoot, so we already knew that Kerr is impossibly great at juggling motherhood with supermodel stardom. This is just a little, itty-bitty reminder to all the exhausted new moms of the world: if you aren't wearing bright red pumps while nursing your infant, you aren't trying hard enough. [AmyGrindhouse]

Let's hope January Jones handles motherhood a little more reasonably than Kerr – because, surprise!, the Mad Men actress is pregnant! Congrats! [Starcasm]