Celebrities in Bikinis: Spring 2011 Edition


Slipping into a skimpy swimsuit after a long winter isn't exactly everyone's idea of a good time. But as women across the nation search tirelessly for the perfect bathing suit, celebrities like Tori Spelling, Christina Milian, Brooklyn Decker, and Rachel Bilson relax on sandy shores in colorful and printed bikinis without a care in the world. Leave it to Hollywood to prove there are flattering and fun suits for every body type!

Brooklyn Decker in a yellow and white bikini.Christina Milian in a black and white bikini.

Brooklyn Decker has established an incredible modeling career due in part to her voluptuous figure. Mrs. Roddick isn't your average runway model, but Decker’s curves are what have made her such a success! Her beauty is effortless and fun in this mismatched bikini. Yellow and white stripes go perfectly with her blonde locks. Christina Milian opts for a striped bikini as she frolics in the surf with her daughter. The yellow details on Milian's top make the simplicity of the black and white stripes pop. An adorable baby makes one great accessory!

Maria Menounos in a brown bikini.Rachel Bilson wears a string bikini.

Maria Menounos and Rachel Bilson keep things simple and streamlined in solid color bikinis. Menounous' brown bikini plunges to reveal tasteful cleavage but offers full coverage at her sides, which can be very important for busty beach goers. Bilson's string bikini gave onlookers a peek at the actress' svelte figure as she vacationed with on-again boyfriend Hayden Christensen. Bilson proves that keeping it basic is often the best way to let all your hard work at the gym shine.

Serena Williams wears a pink bikini.

Tori Spelling wears a bikini while pregnant!

Serena Williams and Tori Spelling both exude extreme confidence when they hit the beach. Williams' toned curves steal the spotlight in a strapless pink top and leopard print bottom. The tennis champ makes no apologizes for her buxom body, as she flaunts her figure to the fullest. Most importantly, Williams looks to be having a great time as she splashes through the waves. Even though she's expecting her third child with husband Dean McDermott, Spelling rocks in a printed bikini. The 90210 alum shows off a tattoo as she perches poolside. 

Take a tip from Hollywood and leave insecurity at home when you step into your swimsuit this season!

Image Credits: StarTraks.com, INF Daily, Fame, Barcroft Media