Taylor Momsen and Gossip Girl Part Ways; Emma Watson’s Lancome Fragrance Ad Leaks

Taylor Momsen

After being suspended from Gossip Girl in November due to “creative differences”, it’s just been announced that Taylor Momsen and the teen soap opera are going their separate ways. Gossip Girl originally plucked the eyeliner aficionado to play Jenny Humphrey, a sweet Brooklynite whose behavior spirals out of control as she navigates the social pressures of an elite Upper East Side private school. Unfortunately, the real-life Momsen started taking cues from her GG character: caught partying one too many times, the actress was dropped from IMG and started taking styling tips from streetwalkers. Though she’s leaving the show that made her famous, Momsen plans to stay on in her main role as trashy tabloid fodder and intends to continue dressing in the dark and living up to her wild child star public image. She promises to focus on her music as frontwoman for the rock band The Pretty Reckless. [AnythingHollywood]

Another, albeit more beloved, teen sensation is taking a step back from the role that made him a household name in order to focus on his music career. Telling reporters that he’d recently discovered that he preferred the company of “eighteen Asian children” to a gaggle of teenage Twihards, Robert Pattinson decided to do everything in his control to disassociate himself from the brooding Twilight vamp Edward Cullen, including jumping headfirst into the arms of the music industry. I get that RPatzz is over the heartthrob thing, but I’m betting that it’ll only be a matter of time before he goes back to his blood-sucking ways. When I was in eighth grade, my homeroom teacher once approached me as I was standing in front of my locker. “Wherever you go,” he said, “there you are.” He gave me a meaningful look. “Think about it,” he said, and walked away. And he had a point: when I was in eighth grade, all the girls wore platform shoes and bell-bottoms; ten years later, girls wear wedges and wide-leg pants. I’m like, taller, and don’t have a bedtime, but people still come up to me and spew inscrutable truisms in my direction. A moment ago, I was walking down the street on my way back from a coffee shop, and a man approached me. “I see you all the time,” he said, “and I think you should know that the journey is the reward.” He gave me a meaningful look and walked away. Kidding! He actually complimented my dress and said he needed a dollar to get on the subway. See Rob? Things change all the time, but unless you cure the common cold or blow up a toilet in the Pentagon, your epitaph will be: “He played a vampire and the girls went wild.” There are worse fates. At least you’ll never need to butter a girl up to get a dollar for the subway. [HollywoodDame]

Sarah Jessica Parker Big HairSpeaking of people that can’t escape their sordid pasts, Carrie Bradsh – err, Sarah Jessica Parker decided to go back to the 80s with a big, ridiculous, over-teased hairstyle. Since the hairspray-happy back-brushed look adds another four inches to her height and SJP already has a pair of five-inch stilettos permanently glued to the soles of her feet, it’s clear that the style icon has a bit of a height complex. Whatever, the crazy new hair is actually awesome. It’s getting humid in New York, and I could benefit from a hairstyle that makes the orbit of frizz wrapped around my head look a little more intentional. [Starcasm]

While there might be something growing inside Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair, it appears that there’s a separate little something growing inside Katie Holmes‘ belly. The actress, Scientology wife, and penis candy dispenser seems to have a baby bump, and OK! magazine is proclaiming that she’s pregnant. If that’s true, Tom Cruise (and L. Ron Hubbard) must be jumping up and down on a couch somewhere. [CelebDirtyLaundry]

In other family-changing news, the Governator and Maria Shriver are getting a divorce, apparently because Maria feels neglected and ignored by the Austrian Renaissance man, who reportedly has “ego and womanizing issues.” Well, good for her for getting out. To cheer herself up, she could go gorge herself on pasta in Italy, get centered in India, and dance up a storm in Indonesia. Or, she could try my method of getting over a breakup: lots of sushi and Lily Allen‘s It’s Not Me, It’s You. You couldn’t really write a book about it, but it works like a charm. [Earsucker]

Emma Watson LancomeThe first image from Emma Watson‘s ad for Lancome‘s Tesor Midnight Rose fragrance by Mario Testino has finally leaked and — ugh. Shot in Paris just after the Harry Potter actress announced that she was leaving Brown to pursue other things, I think we all expected big things from this campaign but sorry, no cigar. Since Watson is a natural in front of the camera, I’m blaming Mario Testino. Even though he did a lovely job with Penelope Cruz’s cover of Vogue, he’s more than a little overexposed and obviously getting way more work than he can handle. [tFS Forums]

Rihanna‘s newest video for California King Bed is supposedly super steamy, but I’m not its biggest fan. The soft, slow ballad definitely offers up a different side of the fire-engine-redhead, but Rihanna already has plenty of layers — I don’t need to see more. The video for I Love the Way You Lie isn’t as sexy as California King Bed, but it gets under my skin. Rihanna’s shtick has been about burning through sadness with a good dose of rage, and I’d much rather watch her having an onscreen meltdown than being melancholy and rolling around in bed with a male model. To be fair, I’d watch anyone having an onscreen meltdown, especially if Eminem is involved. Compare both videos below. [INeedMyFix]