Rachel McAdams Stuns in Marchesa at Cannes; Bar Rafaeli and Leo Split Up

Rachel McAdams and Woody Allen at Cannes

At the Cannes premiere of Woody Allen's new film, Midnight in Paris, leading lady Rachel McAdams stepped out on the red carpet in a phenomenal silk organza Marchesa dress. Apparently, I'm not the only one impressed: Woody Allen looks positively astounded (right) by the gown's long tail and the flirty nude underlay. If this single shot isn't enough to lockdown thirteen-or-whatever of your hard-earned dollars when the movie comes to theaters near you, perhaps the trailer below might do the trick. Written and directed by Woody Allen (I would watch a movie about folding chairs if it were written and directed by Woody), McAdams stars alongside Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard, Adrian Brody, Kathy Bates, and Lea Seydoux. The film also includes an appearance by Carla Bruni as a museum guide. Um, yes! Scroll down to watch the trailer and get back to me if you aren't licking your computer screen. [FabSugar UK]

Since the film is a love letter to Paris, WWD took it upon themselves to chat up guests about the City of Lights. Faye Dunaway decided to stand up for Parisian arrogance, arguing that it was well-deserved, Karolina Kurkova thought it might be a good idea to let the world know that her son was conceived in the French capital, but actor and Cannes juror Jude Law was best at responding to a pesky fashion reporter's pat questions: “Um, I like the Eiffel Tower best." An independent source that wishes to be anonymous later confirmed that Law thought the reporter was asking about the Paris in Texas. [WWD]

Jude Law opened up a little more when it came time to talk about his acting career. He noted that now that he's getting older, he's no longer offered the "heartthrob roles," which means he can finally be recognized for his acting chops rather than his pretty, pretty face. "If I have a look around at the moment I feel great relief because finally others are entering the limelight. Men like Robert Pattinson must now play the Adonis. For me it was always a restraint, a restriction.” Mmmk. For those of you that appreciate both his dramatic gifts and stubbly jaw-line, let me assure you: apparently against his will, Jude Law will be a sexy devil for a long time coming. Also, the RobPat comparison is a good one. Check out the pictures below: the two actors have a similar pouty-mouthed, blue-eyed, tousle-haired Brit thing going on. [GirlsTalkingSmack]

Robert Pattinson and Jude Law doppelgangers

While Jude Law is anticipating seeing his looks wane as he ages, Zooey Deschanel is looking back at the idealism of her youth. Someone dug up a letter a seventeen-year-old Deschanel wrote to Vogue, railing against their standards of beauty and urging the fashion bible to inspire women instead of establishing a prescriptive ideal of beauty. Deschanel tweeted, "wrote this letter to vogue when I was 17 & someone found it! proud of my feminist teen self. RT @wellsbones: http://tumblr.com/xvg2hpk770," but then followed it up with an addendum: "PS: the vogue letter was published in the magazine! no hard feelings @voguemagazine, love your mag! I was a feisty 17." [Styleite] See the letter below:

Zooey Deschanel

Bar Rafaeli and Leonardo Decaprio have broken up, and there's no drama to be found. For  gossip consumers, this is the most disappointing way for a relationship to end because, as you may remember from your childhood years, mature adults never do anything interesting. The couple's been dating since 2005, with a six-month break, and decided to part ways because they'd both grown apart and weren't ready to settle down. Guh, I know! Every relationship that's ever existed has ended because the couple grew apart — but there's normally infidelity or angst or throwing things or something that someone did at some point that was unreasonable and childish and foolish. If celebrities aren't going to act like children when they break up, what's the point of paying attention to them when they're coupled? [AmyGrindhouse]

Lady Gaga Dildo ShoesUnlike boring Bar and Leo, Lady Gaga never does anything that isn't somehow foolish. Her latest feat? She wore dildo-heeled shoes on American Idol. They were censored on the show, but Ryan Seacrest sent out a tweet to clue fans in on what was happening on the megastar's feet: "Sooo @LadyGaga is wearing a popular female, emmm, 'tool' on her shoes for #americanidol tonight…" The shoes were designed by Void of Course and they retail for $4,500. I really hope we don't start seeing knock-offs…