Love Advice for Emma Watson; Lady Gaga Calls Anna Wintour Bitch

Emma Watson can't get a date

Emma Watson is LonelyIn a recent interview, Emma Watson comes clean about her lack of a love life, saying that she can't get a date to save her life: "I say to my friends, ‘Why hasn’t X called me? Why doesn’t anyone ever pursue me?’ They’re like, ‘Probably because they’re intimidated. ’ It must be the fame wall,” she said. “It must be the circus that goes around me. Me, as a person, I find it hard to believe I would be intimidating." I'm sure there's some truth to that, but it's also silly: every guy I know would drool all over himself at the prospect of dating the Harry Potter star and, though I know that droolers may not be viable suitors for the pretty and smart young starlet, I'm pretty sure that if Watson expressed some interest in anyone, ever, she'd find plenty of men willing to woo her. Also, since Watson's a couple years younger than me, I'll share a little slice of sisterly advice. Even though her fame is probably an obstacle, I don't think it's solely responsible for keeping admirers at bay. Here's the truth: boys in their twenties are actually just really, truly, horrendously terrible at dating. Like, impressively bad. All across the board. No matter how much they like you, that affection and interest will mostly be expressed behind your back, to their friends, and involve a lot of hand-wringing and emphatic condemnations of "Women!" Unfortunately for any girl that's been weaned on romantic comedies, too many young men are incapable of being pursuers without a little hand-holding and encouragement from the object of their affections. I'm not suggesting that you down a few tequila shots and pounce, dear Emma, but don't be so scared of sending a funny link to someone you're interested in or picking up the phone to call someone you'd genuinely like to talk to. Just because you're an uber-catch doesn't mean you get to skip out on the messy, confusing, vulnerable part of developing a relationship with someone. If you want to be treated like a person and not as just a fameball, start treating the guys you're interested in as people too, not just as these stoic white knights that got too busy galloping around the kingdom slaying dragons to rescue you. That being said, some guys are just jerks and it's okay to avoid them. [AnythingHollywood, CelebDirtyLaundry]

(Psst: if you're less interested in Emma Watson's personal life and more interested in the Harry Potter final movie, I've got your number. If you scroll down you can check out the new teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, featuring — who else? — Emma Watson. [INeedMyFix])

Kristen Stewart is not laughing

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson MTV Movie Awards

When Robert Pattinson planted a big kiss on the mouth of Taylor Lautner at this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, it was an insta-watercooler-moment for most of America, but one observer was very, very unhappy with the turn of events. As soon as they got to the VIP area backstage and off camera, Kristen Stewart went into a screaming rage: "You made me look like a total jerk out there!” RobPatz tried to remind his moody girlfriend that some things in this world are just jokes, but she snapped up a "talk to the hand" gesture and told him not to even bother. The couple patched things up by the end of the night, but if this little slice of TwiLife isn't a complete fabrication, I'm thinking that Mr. Dreamboat might be better off on his own for awhile. Like Emma Watson, KStew isn't taking to fame like a fish to water, so maybe the pair should go out for drinks. They could talk about how terrible it is to be famous for starring in a supernatural fantasy movie franchise because guys are so intimidated by your success and beauty and the ones that aren't intimidated are just big stupid jerks that make out with other people for the whole world to see. I don't have any of these problems, exactly, but I am single and I think I give good advice! And I can complain with the best of them. Call me, we'll do girl's night! [EarSucker]

Jennifer Aniston isn't having relationship problems, for once

Some additional behind-the-scenes MTV Movie Awards gossip comes courtesy of drama emporium Jennifer Aniston, who spent the entire after-party making out with Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux. If that sounds like just a fling, keep in mind that the pair have been spotted dining out together recently, so this might be a legit romance a-brewing. [Starcasm]

Lady Gaga proves that she's got sway

When Anna Wintour sent Lady Gaga a text (!) informing the superstar that she'd won the CFDA award for Style Icon of the Year, Gaga got a little confused and assumed she was hearing from another Anna. Instead of making the leap that the icy, impenetrable editrix was reaching out via SMS, Gaga assumed that Nicola Formichetti's assistant Anna, one of the megastar's very good friends, was the one reaching out with the good news. Gaga replied, "Yes, bitch, we did it." Without batting an eye, Wintour replied immediately, "How lovely, and we will all be waiting to see what you will wear." How do you know that Gaga's fame is legit? She's one of the few people in the world that can call the feared Anna Wintour a bitch and get away with it. [HollywoodDame]

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