Get the Look: Celebs Do Double Denim

If you’re a child of the Britney/Justin generation, I would bet good money that when I say ‘double denim’ you immediately think of that unfortunate 2001 VMA awards ceremony where the prince and princess of pop showed up in matching denim outfits. The look, otherwise known as the Canadian/Texan Tuxedo, has been scorned as one of the biggest fashion don’ts in recent history.

Charlize Theron in Double DenimAnne Hathaway in Double Denim

Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway pair light denim tops with darker denim bottoms.

Lucky for us, fashion don'ts are a thing of the past and even the most taboo of fashion trends have been creeping back in vogue over the past few seasons (puffer jackets for F/W 2011, anyone?) The issue with double denim, unlike formerly taboo color pairings such as navy/black or pink/red, is that it still can be done wrong if you pair the wrong cuts and shades together. Not all denim is equal so don't go running up to your parents' attic to fish out your 8th grade denim jacket (unless you were a really cool 13-year-old and had a moto-style cut jacket, yeah… I didn't think so). The good news is that celebrities have caught on to this trend and are riding it with full force. The consensus seems to be that light shades on top and dark below are the best. 

Kate Bosworth in Double DenimJessica Hart in Double Denim

Kate Bosworth and Jessica Hart wear bleached out work shirts with jeans and cut-offs in a darker shade.

Double denim can be a great low-key look for the weekend. A lightweight shirt paired with your favorite jeans and brogues can be both fashionable and functional. If you're not excited about the light-shades-on-top look, don't fear this trend because very light, or white, denim shorts or trousers also look great with a darker denim shirt. To keep it light for spring, look for a sleeveless version of the always popular western-style shirt and pair it with cut-off shorts or a pair of skinny trousers. Beware of cut-off denim skirts as they are often unflattering and are mostly unsuitable for anyone over 25. 

Rihanna in Double DenimSienna Miller in Double Denim

Rihanna's jean vest pairs well with bleached skinnies; Sienna Miller layers a fur jacket over a denim shirt and dark jeans.

Photos: Pacificcoastnews.com, Daniel Deme – WENN.com, INFdaily.com, FashionFrame