Another month, another issue of GQ. With all the time we spend in front of screens it’s stimulating to once and a while pick up a magazine or book for some old fashion ways of passing time and entertaining ourselves. The pull factor of the May issue was GQ’s annual list of “the best dressed men in Britain.”  We all love lists don’t we?


Reading my way through the list from a descending order I wasn’t too impressed with lads pictured, who ranged from British aristocrats living of family residues, politicians in the spot light, fashion retail moguls to some no-name punk and indie pop artists. Simplified into a few words it is a list of bland of non-fashion influential high rollers. At spot number one is the new agent 007, Daniel Craig, whose style has a level of ingenuity on a par with a bowl of milk and cereal. He dress like a male flight attendant, very safe, presentable but quite corporate and yawn worthy.



The sad truth is that Daniel Craig, David Beckham, Pete Doherty and other severely overrated dressers like Orlando Bloom and Jude Law are the best out of the worst. Women are light years ahead of us when it comes to dressing and that is very much reflected amongst celebrities as well. Where are our equivalents of Sienna Miller or the Olsen twins? 


We men have no one to be hysterical over. In fact there are barely any male celeb who dress in clothing from the runway, no Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, Bottega Veneta bags, Burberry trench coat or colorful Etro shirt. Nothing at all!! That is why I see GQ’s list as "slow-month" story since it consist of non-inspirational characters.

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