Justin Bieber Turns Tweenage Girls On…To Instagram and Other Celeb Twitpics of the Week


Instagram takes over the world while Smurf nails and questionable Comic Con fashion invade this week's celebrity Twitpics.

Bieber twitpic

Never mind that Coco Rocha's been using it for weeks, Justin Bieber joined Instagram on Thursday and blew it up… with a photo of L.A. traffic no less. According to TechCrunch, their servers felt the impact immediately and Justin's account with the popular iPhone app accrued followers at a rate of 50 per minute. Considering that Justin Bieber has over 11 million followers to the photo app's 5 million total users, we're guessing that the employees of Instagram are throwing a party somewhere and dancing to 'Baby'.

Heidi Klum + Christian Siriano twitpic

Heidi Klum is making it work with Christian Siriano in this pic she tweeted out last Wednesday. "My good friend @csiriano came to visit me on the set of @projectrunway today! #FIERCE!" Actually, that is the least fierce (and most normal) we've seen Christian look.

Nina Dobrev twitpic

Nina Dobrev (a.k.a. Elena from The Vampire Diaries) was fulfilling her duties as 'hot girl at Comic Con' over the weekend in San Diego, California and tweeted a photo of a TVD fan, "Check this cool chick out- she made a TVD dress out of the comiccon vampire diaries bags!!!!!" Cool? If you say so, Nina.

Katy Perry smurf nails

"Smurf nails! Duh!" tweeted Katy Perry, who decked out her hands for the premiere of The Smurfs in New York City on Sunday night. She couldn't have just painted them blue? 

sophia bush twitpic

In a less successful, but more artistic Instagram, Sophia Bush posted a photo of herself, "am surf session. rode waves alongside the pelicans. feeling zen. this is my heaven. thanks @oceana #BenAipa @roxy & @cynthia_rowley" Looks like she's wearing one of Cynthia Rowley's Roxy wetsuits… we smell a celeb endorsement!