Kim Kardashian’s Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Shoot and Other Celeb Twitpics of the Week

Kim Kardashian Arabia shoot

Kim Kardashain gets glam for Arabia in Malibu while her little sister goes horseback riding and Kristin Cavallari indulges in some post-breakup retail therapy.

Kim Kardashian Arabia shoot

On Friday, Kim Kardashian tweeted a bunch of photos from her Malibu photoshoot, "I am SO excited to be featuring on my first cover in the Middle East for Harpers Bazaar Arabia!!! I headed to Malibu to shoot with the amazing John Russo and I can't wait to see how the final shots turn out."

Kendall Jenner

Meanwhile, Kim's little sister Kendall Jenner was doing something far less glamorous, but equally cool. She posted this Instagram from her riding session along with, "This is Raven! Hes a beaut."

Selena Gomez heart

Selena Gomez took time on Friday to tweet out a photo of herself making a heart with her hands in support of Show Your Hearts, a campaign to raise money for three children from Houston, TX who were left orphaned (and two of them paralyzed) after a tragic car accident. Learn more about the cause here.

Zooey Deschanel twitpic

Zooey Deschanel got her photoshoot on with her fellow Hello Giggles founders/friends, Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer. "Me and my gals!" she tweeted. The shoot was for AdWeek, so expect an upcoming cool article about how cool Zooey and her cool friends are and how cool her cool website is.

Last, but not least, Kristin Cavallari is getting over her broken engagement with a little retail therapy. "I'm in love," she tweeted about these platform beauties. Love again so soon? Way to go, Kristin!