Who Has A New Rebecca Minkoff Bag? And Other Celeb Twitpics of the Week

Who got the new Rebecca Minkoff BF bag? Who tried (unsuccesfully) to rock Hammer pants? Find out the answers to these burning questions and more in this week's Twitpic round up.

Dianna Agron's Rebecca Minkoff bag (left) and Zooey Deschanel (right)

Dianna Agron (Glee) snapped a photo of her new love, Rebecca Minkoff's BF bag. "@rebeccaminkoff. Hello!" she tweeted. Yeah, we're insanely jealous. That is one adorable summer satchel. Get your own here.

Zooey Deschanel continued to do that thing where she wears vintage dresses and crazy thick bangs and manages to look adorable and NOT like a five year old. "Pic of super amazing/cute/great actress and @hellogiggles writer @shannonwoodward and me today," she tweeted.

Kaley Kuoco looked fab in all of the outfits she wore while hosting the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night. The same can't be said for the photo on the right. "It's hammertime over at the Teen Choice Awards rehearsal. Woop woop!" Not so much, Kaley. Not so much.


What is with us checking Kendall Kardashian's Twitter all the time? Oh right, maybe it's because she is an amazing fashionista in the making. "I LOVED this Keepsake dress," she tweeted along with a shout out to her stylist. We loved it too, Kendall.

Kendall dress