Style Showdown: Stripes, Gingham, and Sweetheart Necklines

From Emma Stone's color-blocking hit to Taylor Swift's country cutie miss, see which stars got it right—and which ones should fire their stylists.

Trend: Color-Blocking

Emma Stone vs Frieda Pinto

photos via instyle.com

Hit: Emma Stone in Christian Dior. The drop waist in all white allows her face and hair to pop and the varying widths of the bottom blocks create more of a layered look vs. stripes. Also, the copper sleeves are just plain cool.

Miss: It's hard to go wrong wearing Michael Kors in the summertime, but Freida Pinto's look has nothing on Emma's. The fact that the sleeves match exactly to the color blocks on the dress don't do her any favors. And why did she choose blue shoes and a blue sweater? It would have been the perfect place to inject an accent color.

Trend: Gingham

Nina Dobrev vs. Taylor Swift

photo left by AdMedia/WENN.com; photo right via instyle.com

Hit: Nina Dobrev at the Teen Choice Awards. The cut is extremely figure flattering, giving waif-like Nina curves for days. The sky high pump is complementary, the bag is small and perfect. What else is there to say? She nailed this look.

Miss: Taylor Swift loses points for wearing a gingham frock that does nothing for her fabulous figure. The shoes are also an odd pick, as is the lipstick. Overall, this looks much more country hipster vs. Nina's sexy, but sweet look.

Trend: Sweetheart Necklines

Dianna Agron vs. Cate Blanchett

Photo left HRC/WENN; photo right via instyle.com

Hit: Dianna Agron can do no wrong. This is perfect. Maybe a little old for her. But still perfect.

Miss: We know for a fact that Cate Blanchett has good style. So we're not quite sure what happened here. The shape of the neckline is downright… saggy and the defined waist and shorter hemline of Dianna's version make it so much more sleek than Cate's frock.