10 Most Ridiculous Jersey Shore Endorsement Deals

Admittedly, now that The Real Housewives of New York has gone off the air, it's easier than ever for the reality TV-obsessed to get sucked into Jersey Shore on Thursday night, but even the most ardent of fans would have to agree that the cast's endorsement deals have gotten out of control. Abercrombie and Fitch may not be a fan, but plenty of brands are. Here's a look at some of the most notable (read: ridiculous) Jersey Shore deals.

Jersey Shore

1. Snooki endorses pistachio nuts – If Rod Blagojevich endorsing them didn’t turn you off this particular nut variety…

2. The Situation’s protein vodka, Devotion.

3. A Snookie fragrance coming in the Fall – What will it smell like? Hopefully nothing like this one from Sammi.

4. Ronnie endorses weight loss supplement Xenadrine Ultra. In fact the gorilla-shaped Shore cast member even added an “X” to the cast’s infamous “GTL” (gym, tan, laundry).

5. Snooki flip-flops and wedge sandals will hit this winter (do they wear flip flops year-round in the Jersey Shore?) Retailing for between $15 and $50 they will, naturally, include ones with a pickle print.

6. Vinny's t-shirts –Though they're wholly inappropriate for school, proceeds from the sales of these tees benefit anti-bullying initiatives (so he says).

7. Snookie's A Shore Thing – Snookie wrote a book? Enough said.

8. The Situation's laundry bag and no, it's not different than any other laundry or garment bag you've seen before.

9. The Situation is the face of Boca Tanning Club, a Florida-based sunless tanning company with salons in Florida, Texas, and New York and JWOWW has her own bronzer — you know, for those who like the orange I-fell-asleep-in-the-sun look.  

10. The Situation endorses FLOW Formal, a line of tuxedos. Are they perfect for the gym? The club? Who knows…