Celebrity Twitpics: How to Take a Flattering Twitpic

This week in celebrity Twitpics, Kim Kardashian's surprise new BFF and why supermodels should not be allowed to post Twitpics.

Dianna Agron camouflaged her newly-dyed pink hair by posting this black and white photo. "The man of the hours. @brianbowensmith," she tweeted speaking of the photographer who later tweeted that he was photographing several of the Glee kids. Waitaminute… Dianna said that the pink hair was for work… so does this mean that the pink hair is Quinn's?

Leighton Meester tweeted, "@BNOWB and me leavin studio after filmin Facebook footage:)" — referring to her super interesting HTC Summer Sessions videos about her rad new music with Check In The Dark.

Twitpic posing tip #1: Stand next to a guy — you look instantly cuter.

We didn't know Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato were friends, but this pic is super cute. "Kisses from @Ddlovato and me!" Kim tweeted on Sunday.

Twitpic posing tip #2: Try to keep your eyes open.

We forgot to post this photo Miranda Kerr tweeted a few weeks back, along with "Ready to go for Djs show!" And then yesterday, Victoria Beckham tweeted, "My all time favourite supermodel wearing #victoriabeckham eyewear" about this photo of Linda Evangelista. Both of these are proof of why supermodels should not be allowed to take Twitpics. Gorgeous… ughh.

Twitpic posing tip #3: It helps to be a supermodel.