Fashion Week Worthy Halloween Costumes

Nicki Minaj & Anna Wintour at Spring 2012 Carolina Herrera show

What’s better than an Anna Wintour and Nicki Minaj spotting at Fashion Week? An Anna Wintour and Nicki Minaj spotting on Halloween! We’ve combed through all the celebrity photos from last month’s shows to bring you the chicest and creepiest costume ideas for 2011. Now see if you can’t get inspired by one of these front row fashionistas.

Kat Graham at Jeremy Scott 

Kat Graham Halloween costume idea

1. Cat Woman Sunglasses, $12.00; 2. Soma Velvet Maxi Skirt, $59.00; 3. MAC Show Orchid Lipstick, $14.50; 4. Insight If You Please Bodysuit, $44.00

Kat Graham’s meow-rific getup at Jeremy Scott just begs to be transformed into a fierce feline costume for Halloween. Aside from the essentials (which we’ve rounded up for you), you’ll need to know how to get that sheer mesh lightening bolt slash and that super high bun.

For the lightening bolt slash, start with a budget friendly velour long-sleeve bodysuit like the one above. Then placing your scissors directly below the neckline, cut out your own lightening bolt straight down the middle (make sure not to cut too far in though so that your boobs are still covered). Last but not least, sew in a panel of black power mesh fabric to fill the empty space. If that’s too much work, just rock the Sweetheart Bodysuit from Asos.

For the high bun, flip your hair over and gather it into a ponytail on top of your head. Secure it with an elastic band and then twist your hair with your fingers as you slowly coil it up into a tall topknot. Use bobby pins and ample hairspray to hold the bun in place.


Anna Wintour & Nicki Minaj at Carolina Herrera 

Anna Wintour Halloween Costume idea

1. Forever 21 Oversized Sunglasses, $5.80; 2. Barbara Ann Bob Wig, $24.95; 3. Forever 21 Mod High Neck Dress, $22.80; 4. Carolee Single Strand White Pearl Choker, $50.00; 5. Nina Culver Heels, $79.00

These two make for a fabulous couples costume idea based on pure hilarity alone. They’re both kind of scary in their own unique way too. To dress as Anna, all you’ll need is a short bobbed wig, large black sunglasses, a statement making necklace, some nude pumps and a similar style dress (check out our picks above for a little inspiration). The Nicki Minaj look might be a bit harder to get though.

Nicki Minaj Halloween costume idea

1. Neon Green Footless Fishnet Stockings, $4.99; 2. Crocs Plaid Lydia Lumberjack Wedge, $54.95 3. Beehive Wig Blonde, $13.99; 4. Puff Ball Dress, $97.00

First you’ll want to track down a nice sized beehive wig (you probably won’t be able to find a braided beehive but that’s okay). Next purchase a pair of bright pink tights, some neon green fishnets and a pair of Halloween-hued, plaid tall wedges. If you can’t afford to splurge on a pair of wacky new shoes for the holiday, just don your tallest, funkiest wedges instead. Finish off your look with an orange (or blue) pleated mini and a crazy pom pom top (or dress only) similar to Nicki’s. Extra credit points if you can create your own pom pom t-shirt using fabric glue and variety size neon pom poms. It’ll def save you a lot of money! 


Rachel Zoe at Michael Kors

Rachel Zoe Halloween costume idea

1. American Gold Last Tango in Paris Maxi Dress in Floral Print, $167.00; 2. Black Round Oversize Sunglasses, $10.99; 3. Asos Wide Brim Fedora, $44.93; 4. Kelly & Katie Large Bayfield Tote, $39.95; 5. Michael Antonio Gezana, $46.99; 6. La Mer Collections Pyramid Stud Wrap Watch, $98.00

What would Fashion Week (or Halloween) be without a Rachel Zoe spotting? And now it’s even more fun since she’s got baby Skyler in tow! To get the fabulously chic stylist/designer/new mommy’s look, you’ll need a few essentials, which we’ve outlined above (a wrap watch, oversized sunnies, a wide brimmed hat, black bag, and suede wedges). If you’ve got similar hair to Rachel’s, use a curling iron to give yourself soft tousled waves. If not, no worries—just buy a medium length blonde wig to achieve the same effect.

For major style points, have your boyfriend dress up as hubby Rodger or carry around a fake baby Skyler!