Get the Celeb Look: Fall’s Southwestern Prints


Sometimes it’s the little touches that take your outfit from average to enviable. Celebrities have stylists to calculate all the complicated nuances of putting together a look, but we aren’t all so fortunate. Luckily, tFS has put together some celeb-inspired styling tips and tricks to help you put together a look that’s got that extra oomph! This week, Nicole Richie, Jessica Szohr and Jessica Alba show you how to wear fall’s trendy woven Southwestern prints.

Tip #1: Pull on a Pair of Southwestern Print Pants like Nicole Richie


Photo: Denimblog.com

Woven Southwestern designs are to this fall what flannel was to last fall, and Isabel Marant is one designer whose collection has embraced the trend. Nicole Richie was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills wearing what appeared at first glance to be a standard celebrity’s all-black look—what takes the look a step above is Richie’s Southwestern print jeans. “I ADORE her Isabel Marant (guess it is) pants," Valentine27 posted in the forums. Richie shows that one way to rock the print is to keep the potential volume down by sticking with monochrome for the rest of the outfit to let the print pop.

1. Asos Peg Pant – $62.90; 2. Aztec Spirit Printed Leggings – $45; 3. H&M Jacket – $40; 4. Loft Leather Pleated Tote – $198; 5. Cheap Monday Racer Tank – $20


Tip #2: Make like Jessica Szohr and Layer a Southwestern Print Jacket


Photo: peoplestylewatch.com

Pendleton’s been doing colorful Southwestern prints practically as long as there have been rodeo riders to rough them up; now that they’ve done a hip collection with Opening Ceremony, you don’t have to be a ranch hand to wear them. Jessica Szohr expertly layered a colorful cropped Southwestern print peacoat by Pendleton for Opening Ceremony with a long plaid shirt. Accessorize with some turquoise jewelry and cowboy-inspired ankle boots like Szohr’s and you’ll have a look that’s wild wild West meets New York.

1. Ecote Printed Surplus Jacket – $89;  2. H&M Shirt – $48;  3. Robert Chiarella Turquoise Resin Ring – $38;  4. Pendelton for Opening Ceremony Cropped Bomber Jacket – $422;  5. CAFé’NOIR Ankle Boots – $172


Tip #3: Lace up Some Southwestern Boots like Jessica Alba


Photos: whowhatwear.com

Jessica Alba kicked back in some relaxed Saturday duds, but kicked up her heels in these Cobra Society woven Southwestern print ankle boots. Touches of Southwestern embroidery turn functional footwear into treasures, and you can layer on cool-weather pieces like a military jacket and her Edward Joseph olive scarf for a comfy-but-trendy look.

1. Pashmina Art Shepra Cashmere Chestnut Scarf – $83; 2. Odd Molly 364a Military Coat – $337;  3. J. Crew Saturday Pant – $59.50;  4. No. 6 Blanket Boot – $390;  5. Steve Madden Tblanket Moc Boot – $79.95;  6. Jeffrey Campbell Una Mezcla Boot – $174.99