Style Showdown: Banks vs. Ebanks and More


Sometimes stars get it right, and sometimes they need another celeb to step in and show ‘em how it's done. Here’s a look at this week’s celeb hits and misses, from Selita Ebanks’ carpet cape and Katherine Heigl’s over-accesorization to Tyra Banks’ magnetic magenta and Maggie Gyllenhall’s high fashion sack.

Trend: Magenta


Photos: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com, PNP/WENN.com

Miss: Selita Ebanks hosted the 401 Green Photography and Fashion Auction NYC, and maybe she should’ve thought about auctioning off her furry stole—if anyone would buy it. The oversized vest looked like it was made out of shag carpet, and her otherwise-pretty magenta printed dress didn’t need any competition. I’d have something to say about her magenta, navy tights, and brown shoes combination if the carpet cape wasn’t recquiring my full attention—maybe she used it as a distraction?

Hit: At the 8th Annual Keep A Child Alive Black Ball, Tyra Banks looked like a classy Barbie doll in her gorgeous, floor-length magenta gown. The dress’ sweetheart neckline, peplum detail, and fishtail hem created extremely flattering lines, and Banks’ sleek hair, waterfall earrings, and fierce face made the magenta look magnetic.


Trend: Floppy Hates and Capes


Photos: celebuzz.com, WENN.com

Miss: This isn’t Katherine Heigl’s first time on the miss list, and this time her offense is going overboard. At first glance, it may be hard to nail down what’s wrong with this ensemble, but really the devil’s in the details—as in, there are so many details here I can’t focus on the outfit as a whole. Her floppy hat and camel cape coat are both chic, but when layered with big sunglasses, a bigger bag, and a peasant blouse with bell sleeves and a front-and-center bow, there’s just too much going on.

Hit: As Jessica Alba was snapped leaving her house for LAX, her outfit has almost as many elements as Heigl’s. But by sticking to unembellished black from head-to-toe, this mom-to-be looked put-together and incognito in her black Bird by Juicy Couture zip-up cape, black felt hat, leggings, boots, and leather bag.


Trend: Sack Dresses


Photos: gofugyourself.com, tomandlorenzo.com

We’ve got a tie! It’s a wonder why anyone with a figure like Maggie Gyllenhall or Heidi Klum would bury it in a slouchy sack dress, but besides their oversized shape, there’s nothing inherently unacceptable about these looks. It’s hard to find an unflattering pic of Klum (even when she’s dressed as a peeled corpse or a hairy gorilla) but this shapeless dress doesn’t do anything for her. The Dries Van Noten Fall 2011 sack dress that Gyllenhall wore at a photocall for Hysteria at the Rome International Film Festival fits her just like it did the runway model, but the asymmetrical way it slumps off her shoulder just seems to casual and awkward for a red carpet event. The dress’ on-trend photographic print gives it just the tiniest edge of Klum’s, which the girls at Gofugyourself.com likened to a “slanket.”