The Airplane Boys Talk CDN Fashion with TFS

Airplane Boys

Airplane Boys Alignment Photo

The Airplane Boys are proving to have a promising career ahead of them. I called it last year when I saw them go from smaller venue shows to touring Europe with Snoop Dogg, and now they are getting ready for Coachella 2012. Their hard work and dedication has gotten them to this point and I couldn't be more proud to watch another Canadian Music success story unfold.

Airplane BoysAirplane Boys

Fresh off the release of their new mixtape Alignment, its clear to see that the boys are all grown up. I've taken a liking to their fashion sense lately, and noticed how they have expanded their many looks to reflect the various sound in their music. It's hard to categorize their style into one genre, if I had to define it I would say it's playful, hard, fashion forward to casual, while always maintaining an underlying edgy street style.

I chatted with the guys about their favorite menswear designers, stores, and must-have tour items. If this was your introduction to The Airplane Boys, download Alignment and start rocking with us.

Top 5 Canadian Menswear Designers

  1. Ezra Constantine
  2. Philip Sparks
  3. Klaxon Howl
  4. Bustle
  5. Thomas
Must Have Tour Items
  1. Varsity Jackets
  2. Fallen Whistle Necklace
  3. Vintage Sunglasses
  4. Black Skinny Jeans
  5. High Top Sneakers