Happy Mother’s Day: Celebs and Their Mums

Ever wondered whether Kate Moss’ mum was as stylish as our favourite Brit model? Or whether Victoria Beckham’s mum ever has a fashion day off unlike herself? Well, as yesterday was Mother’s Day in the UK, it seems only right that we should take a look at some of our favourite British celebrities’ mums’ styles, and most importantly, take a glimpse at what they're going too look like in another 25 years. 

Kate Moss and Linda

Linda is often referred to as Kate’s mirror image and looking more like her sister than her actual mother. She is frequently pictured on Kate’s arm at celeb bashes, and even once moved into her home in order to help look after Kate’s daughter Lila Grace. Undeniably, the pair are very close, and so it comes as no shock that Linda often seems to emulate Kate’s style. Well, to be fair, you’d have to pick up a few style tips if your daughter was an international supermodel, who's no stranger to also designing her own ranges. You can clearly see the stylistic similarities below. The pair were pictured out shopping together in London, opting for almost identical boots, long camel tone jackets, and if that's not enough, very similar hair cuts. Kate's best friend, celebrity hairdresser, James Brown, is more than likely responsible for that.

Kate Moss and mum Linda

Amber Le Bon and Yasmin

Yasmin Le Bon is still very much in demand as a model, and judging by her flawless looks, her daughter Amber Le Bon, is only going to get more beautiful as she ages. Yasmin is highly respected in the fashion industry and has even designed several ranges for British fashion retailer Wallis, which is owned by the same company as Topshop but targets the more mature woman. Yasmin was famously quoted as believing that the older woman shouldn't be constricted by rules, and that like herself, they should wear whatever they feel comfortable in, even if it's a mini skirt. Yasmin is so fashionable that the question really is, can Amber manage to keep up with her mum?

Amber and Yasmin Le Bon

Victoria Beckham and Jackie

Let's be realistic, it would take quite a woman to be able to compete with Victoria Beckham in the style stakes. Has anybody ever seen her have an off day? Every time she's pictured, she is immaculately groomed from head to toe, and often wears her own designs ever since she became a successful fashion designer. Her mum's style, on the other hand, is smart but a lot more relaxed that Victoria's. She clearly takes pride in her appearance (maybe that's where Victoria gets it from?) but more than not opts for jeans with a formal jersey. Although Jackie looks great, Victoria is already miles ahead, and it's clear that her fashion sense continues to get better with age.    

Victoria Beckham and mum Jackie

Sienna Miller and Josephine

Sienna's mum, Josephine Miller, is usually pictured immaculately dressed. Seen at a fashion show below, her style, including hair cut, is very similar to Sienna's. So, who steals whose style? Sienna is beautiful and if she ages as well as her Mum, she'll be one very lucky lady!  

Sienna Miller and mum Josephine

Images: WENN,  Zibi/WENN.com, Nikki Nelson / WENN.com, Michael Wright/WENN.com, FayesVision/WENN.com, InStyle