Rihanna’s New Designer Talent Show

It seems that just about everybody is trying to search for the next big star, be it the next top model, singer, or fashion designer, and this is reaffirmed with the ever proliferating number of talent shows which are transcending borders and internationalising. It appears that the most successful of these shows gain their success thanks to the element of audience engagement. As a viewer myself, it’s great knowing that you can voice your opinion by voting, and it feels even better if you actually manage to cast your vote on the winner, as it reiterates your own credentials as a talent judge. Step back Tyra Banks, I could be on that panel!

Rihanna's New Talent Show

Now it’s pop star Rihanna’s turn to take a slice of the pie, as she’s in the process of developing her own fashion talent series which aims to discover the next top British fashion designer. The show is set to be co-presented by fashion designer Henry Holland, and British pop star Nicola Roberts. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Nicola, she was a member of the Brit girl group Girls Aloud with former X Factor host Cheryl Cole. In the UK, Nicola has quite the reputation for being a fashion icon and is also a makeup entrepreneur.

The Prize

The show will require the contestants to create outfits for an array of celebrities, and the overall winner of the show will actually have his / her outfit worn by Rihanna when she plays the London Wireless Festival in July, which is another massive opportunity to gain exposure of their work. It’s reported that everybody who is taking part in or supporting the show believes that a true talent will be discovered, as after all, it’s some of the most famous movers and shakers on the British fashion scene who are acting as judges. Plus, Rihanna is known for her style, and so certainly has an eye for spotting a good designer when she sees one. We also shouldn't forget that Rihanna is also in the process of launching her own fashion label, so she knows exactly what she is looking for! 

Images: WENN.com, Cameron Clegg/WENN.com, Will Alexander/WENN.com