Style Showdown: Heidi Klum vs. Rihanna


Sometimes stars get it right and sometimes they need another celeb to step in and show ‘em how it’s done. Having bold signature style means taking risks, and Heidi Klum and Rihanna are two stars who aren’t afraid to hit the streets in styles that often leave us scratching our heads. This week we pit the fashionistas against each other to see which risk-taker nails creative style, then we’ll let them face off against the ultimate style competitor—themselves. Because sometimes even celebs deserve an outfit re-do.

Trend #1: Thigh-High Boots


Photos: Will Alexander/WENN.com, Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Miss: Black leather thigh-high boots are a dominatrix look that stars rarely do right, but Rihanna gave it a shot when she took the tube to see her friend Drake perform at the 02 Arena in London. If she was wearing shorts or a skirt, they were nowhere in sight. Rihanna’s flaming shirt was going for hot, but pantsless in public is a definite not.

Hit: Thigh-highs are a bold choice for a kids’ event, but Heidi Klum rocked it at the Kids Choice Awards. The boots gave her mod white dress a go-go look that was just tasteful enough (after all, both Katy Perry and Selena Gomez rocked bra tops). Klum’s suede boots reversed the cap-toe trend, with a cool contrasting heel.

Trend #2: Denim-on-denim-on-denim


Photos: Ivan Nivolov/WENN.com, Will Alexander/WENN.com

Rihanna vs. Rihanna: This one is so hard to call; I want to give it to the studded leather shorts look Rihanna wore in London just because it improved on the other thigh-high boots outfit by simply having shorts present. In the other look, the double denim Rihanna wore in Manhattan doesn’t offend as much as her oversized fanny pack and very visible roots. That is, until you look closely and realize it’s really triple denim—she’s got a denim bustier on under the chambray shirt. In the end, points have to be awarded for creativity to the London look—it appears that Rihanna tied a denim shirt around her waist and then somehow got her shorts on over it.

Trend #3: Graphic Maxis


Photo: STS/WENN.com, WENN.com

Klum vs. Klum: If anyone should know the dangers of over-designing it’s Heidi Klum, but the supermodel’s look on the left is a text book case of just that. Her striped hooded maxi dress has enough going on by itself, but the way she accessorized with skate shoes, a colorful scarf, and that overwhelming furry vest ruin the effect. Heidi’s look on the right is much more chic—she wore an eye-catching zig zag maxi with sandals, a leather jacket and tote that stuck with the monochrome coloring.