Glamour’s Best Dressed Woman 2012

Victoria Beckham

Glamour is Britain’s top women’s magazine and each year they ask the public to vote for the best dressed woman. This year saw American actress Kristen Stewart top the list, apparently because she’s the kind of girl with a style that we can all relate to. With regards to some of our favourite Brit style icons that topped the chart, Kate Middleton made it to number four, whilst surprisingly, her sister only made it to number 47. Even more of a shocker is the fact that Kate Moss and Alexa Chung didn’t even make it into the top ten! But here’s a few of our faves who did.

#3 Victoria Beckham

Victoria BeckhamFormer popstar, fashion designer, and super Mum, Victoria Beckham never looks anything less than flawless each time she ventures outdoors, and that even includes when she’s just stepped off of a long haul flight. How does she do it? On her recent promotional trip to Hong Kong, her style was praised for the fact that her cardigan and plaited hair softened her look, which makes a pleasant change to her usually fiercely tailored attire. Plus, her daughter, baby Harper, has already been offered her first paid job at the tender age of 9 months. Apparently, the personalized baby gift company My1stYears is prepared to pay a significant sum in order for Harper to become the face of the brand. So, watch this space!

#8 Cheryl Cole

In the British public’s eyes, Cheryl Cole can’t really do much wrong, but then again, remove the team of stylists which she had on the X Factor and cast your mind back to what she wears without any guidance. After stepping out of the limelight for a couple of months, and not even releasing a song since January last year, she’s back, and with new hair extensions. She’s just finished filming her new music video for the song "Call My Name," and was recently photographed doing a promotional tour at a national radio station, where she opted for leopard print skinnies, a yellow and black patched top, and a fetching pair of red and hot pink wedges. So, this is the kind of get-up you need to wear in order to make it to number eight, huh?            

#5 Florence Welch

Florence’s style is taking the world by storm with her edgy capes, feathered detail, and Gothic-inspired velvet dresses. Leading fashion designers frequently approach her, which has seen her perform for Karl Lagerfeld and be the inspiration behind a recent Gucci collection. Below, we can see exactly why she’s made the top five, as she performs on stage at the recent Coachella festival in a dramatic ethereal bat-winged jumpsuit.

Did Kristen Stewart deserve to top the poll, leaving the likes of Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham, and Emma Watson in her shadow? The once-awkward teenager has certainly made a significant style transition. 

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Images: Brian To/WENN.com, WENNCHELLA/WENN.com, WENN.com