This is the fifth part of Ali’s story, courtesy of her mother Patty (tFS user modelmom). Ali’s journal chronicles the beginning of her modeling career in Paris at 15 years old (which was in 2002). Patty’s comments are italicized and the format has been edited.

My mom took off this afternoon to see the Eiffel Tower. It’s getting late and she’s not back yet. She is always worried about me, I can’t even begin to think what I would do if something happened to her.

My mom showed up late last night….you guessed it, she lost her way.

But she did get to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I’m glad—that  was the one thing she wanted to do while we were here.

I had a job today!!! It was a photo shoot in a hotel in the Champs Elysee. I wore hot pink tennis shoes, balloon pants, and a pink and purple top. Hey, a job’s a job!

I had several castings today.  One was with a Japanese client – they took pictures and I tried on clothes. Karlie told me that was a good sign. The other was for Christian Lacroix. I’m not too positive about that one. I saw a lot of famous models getting out of their chauffer-driven cars. They just breezed past the line and went right in. I can’t believe I’m even being considered after seeing them.

We saw something really weird today, a thousand people on rollerblades / skates and they were doing some kind of promotion for a car company I think. They were rollerblading around the streets to make the shape of a car. I saw the ad in the Metro but it was so strange to see it in person. You never know what you will see over here.

My agent called today to tell us that I have a job for a look-book for Thierry Mugler. It pays really well. I am so excited, maybe it will help pay for all the expenses we have racked up while we were here. The agency called again, I booked a show for Agnes B and I have a fitting tomorrow! Maybe things are looking up?

I did the job for Thierry Mugler today. I wore 20 different outfits and they brought in a big lunch for all the models. Each of us received a gift set of Angel Innocent perfume and lotion. I think this is one of the best days I’ve had in Paris. I’m finally doing what I came here to do. The photographer wants to talk to my agent and he said he would see me later this week.

I went to the fitting for Agnes B this evening. We waited forever; I should have known something was wrong. I’m not sure how they found out, the dresser came over and told me the designer had decided not to use me because of my age. I guess I spoke to soon when I thought things were looking up.

We went into the agency this morning to tell them we would like to go home. All the agents came into the conference room and tried to talk me into staying until I’m 16. I think losing the only show I booked was the final straw.

I woke my mom up last night and we had a long talk. She knows how sad I have been and I know she is worried about me. She said to decide and whatever my decision was she would stand behind it. My booker said that she would talk to Emanuelle about us going home and get back in touch with us.

When we got back to the apartment, a model that had just arrived for the show castings was staying there. She had been in a campaign for Ralph Lauren and she told us her name was Vanessa D’assisi. She spent the night and my mom cooked pizzas for us. She told us about how she was discovered by Ford in Brazil and that she was worried because she hadn’t booked very many shows. She hated the place where we were staying and by the next morning she woke us up to tell us she was moving to a hotel near the Ford agency. Must be nice.

Ali’s dad called right after this entry to let me know Cheyenne was going to make it….now all I had to do was get up the nerve to let Ali know all about it. If that horse had died, I’m not sure she would have ever forgiven me for not telling her Cheyenne was sick.

Part 6 coming soon!