Style Showdown: Demi Moore vs. Jennifer Lopez in Over-the-Knee Boots, and More

Sometimes stars get it right, and sometimes they need another celeb to step in and show ‘em how it’s done. This week in Style Showdown, thigh-high boots and metallic dresses come into play and one starlet (almost) wears the same dress twice.

Trend #1: Over-the-Knee Boots

Photos: Alo Ceballos/Getty Images, Donato Sardella/Getty Images

Miss: Jennifer Lopez looked just a little too smokin’ in a feisty ensemble on the streets of NYC. While heading out to do some talk show promotion for her new film Parker, J.Lo donned a leather-accented leopard jacket and miniskirt, and tackied-up the look even further with a pair of Louboutin black leather boots that hit mid-thigh. It’s hard to tone down over-the-knee boots, but wearing what looks like a leopard-print cheerleader’s uniform doesn’t help.

Hit: At the Ferragamo Presents Spring Runway Collection With VIP Dinner, Demi Moore reminded everyone why she’s able to get away with dating men half her age. She wore the designer’s new collection from head-to-peep-toe, pairing a black textured dress with edgy over-the-knee, open-toe boots. The result was a tough look that smoldered sex appeal instead of shouting it. 


Trend #2: Silver Dresses

Photos: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

Miss: Note to the usually snappier-dressed Samantha Mathis: it's always a good idea to check with the leading lady to see what she’ll be wearing to the premiere (especially if she’s Kate Mara) just to make sure you’re not going to unknowingly wear a more disco-y, more shlumpy version of what she’s wearing.

Hit: Had Mara not worn this fabulous silver lace Dolce & Gabbana dress to the House of Cards premiere (and instantly earned a spot as our Look of the Day), I probably never would’ve noticed Mathis in her terribly unflattering metallic dress and black ankle boots combo. Unfortunately, Mara’s on-trend and expertly styled look threw Mathis’ ill-fitting one into sharp relief.


Trend #3: Belted Mustard Dress

Photos: Brian To/WENN.com

Miss: It’s usually fun to see Downton’s Daisy out of her sad scullery maid duds, but at the SAG Awards, not so much. The darling Sophie McShera was swimming in her satin mustard dress with sleeves that looked unfinished, a skirt that needed to lose a few inches, and hair that seemed pre-styled.

Hit: It’s not uncommon for stars to end up at the after parties looking worse for the wear, but McShera was a breath of fresh air at the Entertainment Weekly soiree. It was as if she had taken everything I disliked about her earlier red carpet look and fixed it. Her Katie Ermilio party look dress a perfect, youthful fit and a much more flattering color—and I just love seeing Daisy let her hair down.